Home Beauty Tips for Indian Brides

Home Beauty Tips for Indian Brides

Home Beauty Tips for Indian BridesEvery girl in the world would like to have the best appearance on her wedding day. Especially Indian brides are very conscious about their wedding. On big day they want to gather all the attention and be the cynosure of the gathering.

A six-month countdown is recommended to make sure you look as radiant and healthy as possible on your wedding day, but even if you only have a couple of weeks left you can see some stunning results to help you maintain that center-of-attention look must follow the listed below home beauty tips.

Home Beauty Tips For Indian Brides:

  •  Diet and Exercise

In order to look your best, Indian brides should eat a balanced diet and exercising regularly. Eat plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables; get your eight glasses of water a day. These three tips alone will help to prevent your skin from looking dull.

  • Skin Care (Facials)

Indian brides want to have a clear and radiant skin on their weddings so following are some home beauty tips for skin to look gorgeous on their big day.

  1. Clean, tone and moisturize every night before going to bed as this will keep your skin looking radiant.
  2. Facials are recommended only if you have a few months before the wedding.  The best natural facial mask is honey. Simple home beauty tip is place a clean cloth in warm water, and gently wash your face to open the pores up and remove surface impurities. Then, smear on the honey in a thin, even layer. Leave this on for 15-30 minutes. Grab another clean cloth, warm up your water, and gently rinse the mask off. Once your skin is clean, use cold water to close your pores. This type of facial should be used once a week.
  3. Turmeric powder and orange juice will definitely bring glow on the skin. Add them together and apply the paste for 20 minutes onto the skin. After washing the face, you’ll discover the glow.
  4. Mix curd and cucumber juice. Dab the mixture on the face. Do this therapy continuously for three to four days. You will discover a perfectly glowing complexion.
  5. Another cheep home beauty tip you have to collect a little milk. Remember to take it before doing the boiling process. Apply this component onto the skin with gentle touch. After finishing the therapy wash off the face. It will offer you a radiant and fair skin.
  • Hair Care
  1. Use a good shampoo and conditioner at least twice or thrice a week. Get yourself a warm oil massage to keep your hair shining and lustrous. The best for this purpose is a good egg yolk. This will give it the necessary shine and bounce to your hair and also act as a good conditioner.
  • Hand and Foot Care
  1. Your hands and feet shouldn’t be forgotten either. Beauticians suggest a manicure and pedicure at a beauty salon every 2-3 weeks before the wedding.

Have tub with warm water put glycerin, rose water, lemon juice and shampoo in the water. Dip your hand and feet for 15min, after that massage them with cold cream this will give radiant and fair look to your foot and hands.

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