Cool With Blue Eye Color

Cool With Blue Eye Color

Blue eye color may look scary, it makes us recall trying to make up the difference of girls in grade 6 is the dress uniforms and green striped oxford shirt. But color is not great or as an amateur look like the girl was surfing the streets, if known makeup properly.

Eye Makeup

Here are a few tips on makeup blue eye color, is to help you stay classy looks and personality of its own. Background: Mixing light and dark blue shades together – the biggest mistake that people usually make when blue eyeshadow makeup that is left coarse lines separate from the other shades in the table favorite color on the eyelids. Using a high quality pen for eye makeup elected, it will help you get the perfect blue eyes, naturally.

Eye Makeup Ideas

Do not use around the eye color to blue – Blue should only be used on the eyelids and eye corners, do not fill it on the your eyebrows. To make it soft, double sided, use peach colored powder eye shadow election, opaque on the eyelids, especially highlighting the eyebrows. This will make your eyes look deep like the color blue you have used this so long ago.

Smokey Eye Makeup

Should use blue eyeliner with blue eyes elected – do not use much. Black eyeliner can make a tremendous contrast with the color baby blue, bright blue or even navy blue color, so everything changes around you will change your mind about the trend This dark. Try lining layer of colored chalk to start naval and covered with layers of fresh blue color if you want to get something new quickly. Do not: Do not make up a bright red lips with blue eyes blue – red lips and blue eyes will cause offensive to viewers. You can use the classic lip color, which is a perfect color with blue eye color.Eye Makeup Tips

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