Different Ways of Applying Kajal on Eyelids

Different Ways of Applying Kajal on Eyelids

Different Ways of Applying Kajal on EyelidsKajal is the basic element in makeup and gives stunningly gorgeous look if it is applied properly. Different ways of applying kajal are used by experts on different face cuts and eye shapes.

Kajal is also thought as eye health improver. However, some important tips to apply kajal should be learned before applying it on. Once when you’re done with basic application of kajal, it will be quite easy to try different ways of applying kajal on eyelids.

Kajal is mostly available in black, white and brown colors. Kajal sticks and kajal pencils are available with smudge proof long lasting innovative techniques in different brands. Mac, Lakme, Etitude, Revlon, blue heaven brands are obtainable kajal products with natural ingredients such as castor oil, camphor etc, which really sooths the eyelids.

Ways of applying kajal on eyelids depend on the occasions and moods of the event.

  • Way To Apply Kajal For Casual Wearing

A thin layer of kajal on lower eyelid will be good enough for casual wearing. This thin layer of kajal can also be applied in various ways i.e. kajal length. It depends on you that whether you want to apply a long kajal line on lower eyelid or you just apply on 1/3, ½ eye lid.

  • Kajal Application For Special Occasions

For party wear experts recommend to make thick kajal line in upper and lower eyelids, especially if you are wearing in night. Use the fine eye shadows to enhance the kajal. With proper kajal application you can make your eyes more attractive for any special occasion.

  • Ways of Applying Kajal On Small Eyes

Those who have small eyes try to apply white or brown color of kajal. On the middle of eyelid apply lighter eye shadow, to enhance it darken it on the outer part of eyelid. Then apply a white kajal line on upper and lower eyelid. The kajal line should be very thin and fine and on the inner side of lid. If you want to make eyes big then try the ½ kajal line length from middle to outer edge.

  • Ways of Applying Kajal For Big Eyes

Kajal gives a mystifying look on big eyes. Apply kajal on upper and lower eyelid with kajal nib pencil. Black kajal beautify big eyes more. All kajal line length suits on big eyes, however when you are done to apply the kajal then merge slightly with your fingers from the upper eyelid outer corner. It looks more decent in night wear specially.

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