4 Steps to a Grown-Up Ponytail

4 Steps to a Grown-Up Ponytail

4 Steps Grown Up PonytailWhether you go for a pulled back ponytail or a side ponytail, this hair style has always been one of women’s favourite when it comes to quick, easy and hassle free hair styling.

The perfect ponytail is not hard to get and once practiced, you can have a stylized and chic mane in just less than a minute. Ponytails look good on long grown-up hair.

Here are four easy steps to grow up a ponytail:

Prepare your Hair:

Before you start, make sure your hair are shampooed and dry. If you want the perfect ponytail your hair should be clean and preferably a little wet to hold on to the shorter hair so they don’t frizz off. Add a little volume to your hair by spraying extra thickening spray. While making your perfect ponytail, if you are using a straightening iron, ensure you straighten each and every section of your hair so your hair look smooth and chic from all angles. Straightening hair only from the top make them rougher.

So make sure your entire hair are evenly combed and pre-styled. The perfect ponytail is achieved on straightened hair. Apply hair balm if your hair are very frizzy.

Add the Volume:

Comb your hair well. If your hair are not bouncy, blow dry them to add more volume. If you want a curl at the end of your ponytail, use a hair curler to add wave to your hair. If you are lucky to have natural waves, just comb them back to loosen your hair. Tease and backcomb your hair a little. Add volume to your crown and gently backcomb your hair.

Assemble the Hair:

This is the time to decide which style to keep, whether you want a sleek side part on your left or right, a pulled back style, volume at the crown or some light curls hanging from the side. Brush your hair back and lift them up, positioning between the crown and the nape of your neck. Depending on the style you are following, hold your ponytail back and secure with an elastic band that matches your hair color. Choose if you wish to have a hair ponytail or do you want it low near the neck. If you have opted for a front style, finish it elegantly. You can also add side bang in front, like most models do.

Finishing the Perfect Ponytail:

Add a bow to your ponytail if you wish. Use the hair sprays generously and use a tail comb to neaten your hair and add finesse. Your perfect ponytail is ready and your hair will not bug you for the rest of the day.

The grown up ponytails can be of a variety of styles. You can pump up your hair, make a side ponytail, make a twisted hair ponytail or simply keep a loose ponytail; this hair style is an all time favourite for all occasions and events.

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