6 Hairstyles Secrets You Didn’t Know

6 Hairstyles Secrets You Didn’t Know

Hairstyles Secrets 2012Women are mostly looking for new hairstyles. Whether it is to reinvent old hairstyle or try outsomething new for a special occasion, you better choose the right hairstyle that suits you the most. Each person is different and hence, chooses the right hairstyle according to their face cut and face texture.

Furthermore, choosing the right hairstyle can also accentuate your features.

If you want to feel comfortable with your hairstyle and give your hairstyle a blowout, here are some tips that you should do:

Find a Shampoo that Lathers Less

Shampoos that lather too much are often loaded with moisturizing products. Moisturizing products make your hair look dirtier short after you shampoo your hair. Shampoos that lather less are called sulfate shampoos. They are less drying then regular shampoos. So, one should opt for a sulfate formula for their hair.

Use Rollers for High Volume

If you want to give your hair a good volume, then use rollers. Curly hair has three times more volume then straight hair. To curl your hair, divide you scalp into two sections from the middle. Then divide each section into four smaller sections. Take small portion of your hair and then curl them.Repeat the same procedure for the other sections on your scalp.

Forget the Towel

Drying your hair for more than 30 minutes with a towel can leave your hair frizzy and dry. The roughness of towel forces your scalp pores open, making them more likely to go every which way. Squeeze out excess hair with your hands after you walk out of the shower instead of using a towel.

Don’t Rush while Curling your Hair

Use a curling rod to curl your hair and hold them for atleast 30 seconds to bring perfect curls. If you rush while curling your hair, you won’t get anything other than frizzy hair.

Things to do 10 Minutes before you Style

Apply products like serum and moose 10 minutes before you begin styling. These products needs sometime to fully absorb in your hair strands so, you get all of its benefits. This goes for all the styling tools whether you are straightening or curling your hair.

Drying your Hair

Always use a hair dryer and a round brush to blow dry your hair. Before you begin blow drying, divide your scalp in 6 sections and clip them up. Unclip hair strand one at time and start drying your hair beginning from the roots all the way down. Let your hair cool and then begin on the other sections of the hair. Alternating between heat and cool-down time helps a lot to style your hair.

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