Bridal Hair Styling Tips in 10 Steps

Bridal Hair Styling Tips in 10 Steps

Bridal Hair Styling TipsBridal hair is one the important task. All your look depends on the Hairstyles and if it is perfect you look stunning and if is not good you looks ugly and no one says whoa. In Indians wedding the bride is heavily dressed so the hairstyle should be versatile that makes her looks beautiful. Indian Bridal HairStyleBridal hair is not so easy to do you need to know the techniques well and you also must be well trained it Bridals hairstyles hold a great importance as it the big day for the bride. There are many bridal hair we will discuss here and we will also talk about how to make them in step so everyone can learn it easily.

One of The Very Popular Bridal Hairstyle Neo Classic Angel Has Just 10 Simple Steps to Follow.

1. In this bridal hair you have to start from washing the hair and then dry it well. In hairstyling hair should be freshly washed and properly dried.

2. The second step is to put big curls in the hair by the help of curling iron or with the help of straighter.

3. The third step in this bridal hair is taking the hair which is below the ears and makes a good French twist. French twist in very much in fashion these days.

4. Use some styling mud and fix the twist so that you can put heavy dupata on it and it stays on its original place.

5. The next step is that place all your hair above the top of that twist that u made and make sure it is not lose.

6. Than the next step in this hairstyle is that from the right ear take some hair and make a thick braid.

7. The important tip is that you have to tuck the braid under the twist and over there fix some pins on it so that it doesn’t get lose.

8. Use the back hair only uses half of them and smooths it over the twist that you made earlier and then blend the hair and fix them with some bobby pins.

9. Use the hairs which is left and uses them on the front and backcomb them to make your hair look good and backcomb always creates volume. Use pins and fix them well,

10. In the end, the final step is to do hair spray so that it looks neat and clean.

Prima Ballerina Hairstyle Has 10 Simple Steps to Follow.

1. It step one is that hair must be freshly washed and it should be well dried and brushed.

2. The step two of this bridal hair style is to use L’Oreal extra mouse to make the hair look blow-dried.

3. In the next step you have to make a high pony tail but it should be on the head in the center.

4. The major step is that you have to divide the pony tail into section but do it very carefully.

5. After the division you also have to backcomb each section with love and then spray the hairspray.

6. Fold the one section of around your own hand and then fix it into the base of the pony you already made.

7. Repeat the above process again with half the hair which are left

8. Than fix the pony tail and hide the pins with hair on it

9. By the help of your hands make a good top knot and do spray on it.

10. Use your own fingers to set the hairline and make sure you are comfortable with the style.

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