How to Do Curly Grunge Hair

How to Do Curly Grunge Hair

How to do Curly Grunge HairThe curly grunge hairstyles hit their peak in the mid-1990s and have now struck the fashion world again. Initially, the curly grunge hairstyles got popularity due to musicians and fashion icons, especially Kurt Cobain, the front man of grunge rock band Nirvana. Due to its amazing likeness among young generation, the curly grunge hairstyles are still seen today as a means of self expression in the high fashion world.

One of the wonderful qualities of the curly grunge hairstyles is they work for both men and women. The curly grunge hairstyles not only give a cool casual look to you, but it’s also easier to try out them at home. You can give yourself a perfect curly grunge look by following some simple steps.

Things required for curly grunge hairstyle:

  • Heat-protecting spray
  • Hair Brush
  • Large Hair
  • Curling Iron or round-barreled straightening iron
  • Texturizer pomade
  • Hair spray


  1. The unwashed curly grunge style is arguably the easiest to create. It will be best to leave your hair unwashed for at least a day.
  2. Before beginning with your curly grunge hairstyle, spray heat-protectant spray all over your hair and spread it by combing through your hair with a hair brush. In this way the spray will be distributed evenly on all strands.
  3. Meanwhile, allow the curling iron or straightening iron to heat up by plugging it in.
  4. Take out a 2-inch section of hair from the left side of your head and separate it to start with your curly grunge look. Tie rest of the hair with the large hair clip up or to the right side.
  5. Wrap up the 2-inch section of separated hair around the barrel of a wide curling iron and hold for about 10 second to get it done with curly grunge look. Continue the process with every 2-inch section of hair, from the left side to the right side, until you’ve done the curly grunge look to your full head. After achieving large loose curls, wrap hair around the barrel of straightening iron to make it curlier.
  6. Rub a pea-size splotch of hair texturizer between hands and run fingers through hair to evenly distribute it all over your hair. Your fingers will help in attaining a natural and voluminous curly grunge look by breaking up the curls.
  7. In the end, finish up your curly grunge hairstyle by spraying hair with hair spray. This will freeze your curly grunge hair that you’ve created.

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