How to Overcome Head lice at Home

How to Overcome Head lice at Home

Overcome Head Lice at HomeMany mothers face this daily problem of their children scratching heads or just putting a finger in their hair whenever the parents are looking away.

This article will help all the concerned mothers to get rid of the hair lice problems. What we’ll do is provide the mothers with some home remedies to get rid of the hair lice problems. Mothers can now prevent lice from growing and expanding much easily now. Hair lice problem is contagious; therefore, it needs to be stopped as soon as the problem gets caught.

Girls are more prone to suffer from the hair lice problems because of their longer and healthier hair. But our useful home remedies can solve this problem right away. The first remedy to prevent the spread of hair lice, avoid using the hair lice infector’s comb or a hairbrush. Along with comb, girls should avoid sharing the clothes for the time being since the lice insects can be stuck to the clothes and can pass on immediately to other girls’ head. Female lice can lay dozens of eggs and this is how the problem can spread far. It is recommended to avoid using each others’ accessories or anything which can cause the spread of these lice.

Many products have been introduced in the market which can prevent and can stop the spread of the hair lice problem. The anti-lice homemade shampoos can help get rid of the lice within a week. A new kind of a treatment is the Head Lice Mayonnaise treatment which is a natural way to get rid of the lice completely. This is efficient if the treatment is to be used on the children’s heads for baby insect lice.

The adult insects can only be treated with various types of oils which will clear the hair from lice without damaging the hair. Besides oil, vinegar or even lemon juice has proved to be best for the treatment of hair lice.

Don’t be surprised but mayonnaise really work for the hair lice problem. It is really because mayonnaise is made up of lemon juice, oil, vinegar and the egg yolks. Al these natural nutrients help in killing the lice insects which are nourishing on your hair. The mayonnaise oil just suffocates the adult lice and kills them right away.

We’ll tell you now how to prepare this mayonnaise treatment. Get hold of a cup of mayonnaise and also get a hair cap in order to apply it only to your head’s hair. Now apply this homemade mayonnaise for at least 8 hours and place the shower cap so that it remains concentrated. Wash it with a shampoo thoroughly and then check the results.

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