How to Make your Own Spa at Home

How to Make your Own Spa at Home

Make your Own Spa HomeIn this modern era, everything wants to be updated whether it’s any thing or our body. Men and women both looks equally interested in visiting saloons for their whole body concerns.

Spas are very popular in this generation and spa saloons seem to be very crowded now days. Creating your own home spa experiences will help keep you healthy and beautiful. People waste so much money in these things but why don’t you try to make your own spa at home. This idea is cheap and easy available to almost every one of us.

  • Make your own spa at home by Sugar

Sugar is not just a kitchen accessory, or it’s just not to sweeten your food it can also be used in making spas. You can try to make your own spa at home by sugar which is available every time in our kitchen and for which we do not need to rush around. Here we will discuss the sugar scrub spa for which you will need sugar, oil. Put sugar and oil in a bowl, mix them well. The texture should be moist enough to hold together. You can add more oil drops if you think the texture is dry enough. Apply it on your face twice a week without the wastage of money in expensive scrubs. So now you are ready to make your own spa at home-the sugar scrub.


  • Make your own spa at home by baking powder
  • Make your own spa at home by baking powder might sounds weird but actually it’s a fact. It’s a spa mostly people don’t even know but it can exfoliate your skin in no time. Take one tea spoon of baking powder add a pinch of water to it. Mix both the things and apply on your face to exfoliate it without using those defoliators that might not suit your skin.

    • Make your own spa at home by mint leaves

    Mint leaves have a lot of benefits and is widely used in many medicines also. Beside other benefits you can also make your own spa at home by mint leaves.    This we are making a fresh toner for skin. All you have to do is that take some fresh mints leaves and boil them in some water in such a way that they get soaked in water. Apply it on face after exfoliating it by the above spa.

    • Make your own spa at home by Salt

    For your dry cracked feet this treatment will gives your dry cracked feet the sense of healing and care. Put hot water in a tub and add one table spoon salt, 2 lemons, one table spoon moisturizing lotion and some soap in it. Put your dry cracked feet on that hot water and slowly rub your feet on one another. Doing this home spa treatment for your dry cracked feet thrice a week will never make your feet dry and cracked. You can also make your own spa at home by things available at your end.


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