Indian Bridal Makeup Tips For Different Skin Tones

Indian Bridal Makeup Tips For Different Skin Tones

A wedding is such an event in a girl’s life that she has been dreaming of ever since she was a little girl. Her wedding day is undoubtedly one of the most important days in a girl’s life, as she is and she has to be the only point of attention. Most girls start planning their wedding way in advance – from the venue to the floral decorations to the wedding dress and the makeover.Indian Bridal Makeup Indian bridal makeup adds more alluring effect to the bride’s adornments. Because makeup of the bride is been engraved forever in the wedding stills and movies so it has to be done right, well smudged with the skin tone The bride has to take care of every little detail for her big day so that everything goes well as she has to be the sun on that day and the star of the night. Her makeup done well boosts her confidence and the glow comes from the inside.Bridal Makeup TipsThe bride must take care of the skin tone and the makeup must be done accordingly. Indian bridal makeup is done differently for different skin tones, as the Indian skin tones vary for individuals. However, different skin tones can be categorized broadly into three groups, such as fair skin tone, wheat-ish skin tone and tan skin tone Here are some useful tips for Indian bridal makeup for the three basic skin tones:

Indian Bridal Makeup Tips for Fair Skin Tones

Indian Bridal MakeupFair skin tones are considered to be the palest of all skin tones. So you have to be very careful when choosing the foundation, if it doesn’t match your skin and eye color or if you chose more light base color, you might end up looking ghostly pale. If the foundation is done well, other makeup becomes really easy to choose. All the cool tones in the makeup universe are meant for you, so you can experiment with bright pinks, peach hues and also the red for your lipstick. These lip colors will make your look more vibrant. You can also go for varied hues for your eye makeup, but make sure your eye makeup compliments your lip color. You can go for coral and pink shades for your blush.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tips for Wheat-ish Skin Tones

Bridal Makeup Wheat-ish SkinHaving a wheat-ish complexion is one of the greatest blessings; you have a huge range of makeup products and colors to experiment with. Warm hues are perfect for you and you can also use cool and bright tones to make your look more mesmerizing. Your foundation serves as the canvas for your makeup so choose your base wisely matching to your skin tone. Indian bridal makeup offers the red shades and the berry reds for your lips that will make you a traditional Indian bride. For the girls who like pinks do not go for lighter shades for your lips that will wash out your entire look, choose hot pink instead. For your eye makeup you can experiment with gold and bronze. The liner done well will make your eyes interesting. Pink and bronze can be used for blush.

Indian Bridal Makeup Tips for Tan Skin Tones

Bridal Makeup Tips Tan SkinThe tan girls out there can have fun with the dark hues lipsticks such as berry reds, dark pinks and maroons. Do not go for lighter foundations, always pick the matching foundation and some shimmer to it for the glowing effect. Stick with colors that are muted to avoid looking over the top. Your eye makeup and lip color must complement each other. The dark skinned girls can have the earthy blushes as their best friends.

A Few Simple and Handy Tips for Indian Bridal Makeup:

  • Get makeup trials before your big day.
  • Use oil free products.
  • Use primer and concealer of different shades for different areas on your face.
  • Apply liner and layers of lipstick to make it stay longer.

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