Melt Proof Makeup Ideas For Summer

Melt Proof Makeup Ideas For Summer

Melt Proof Makeup Ideas For SummerVariety of makeup brands is available in the market including melt proof makeup cosmetics etc. With the upcoming summer season, women are fully aware about the makeup ideas for summer, and how to carry their makeup smoothly.

About Melt Proof Makeup:

In summers, women are highly concerned about melt proof makeup, and keep trying forthcoming makeup ideas for summer, to carry it with comfort. Either you are in a tropical area or have to stay outdoors, it is sure that you can’t fully avoid heat in summers. So you need to understand the importance of melt proof makeup, and heat resistant cosmetic products.

Let’s discuss about some highly suitable makeup ideas for summer:

1.    Wear Primer

The most important thing of a melt proof makeup is the usage of a primer. It helps to keep your makeup safe for longer hours and protects it from melting. Makeup idea for summer primer is to prime your skin using a lightweight, oil-free primer before using concealer and foundation. This allows your base color to last, way longer than usual.

2.    Avoid Liquid Foundation

Women should avoiding carrying heavy layers of makeup in summers. The more you put on, the more is the risk of melting. Try to wear lighter melt proof makeup. Instead of using a liquid foundation as a base, a mineral foundation is better to use, as it helps soak up oil and provides sun protection. Usage of a mineral or powder foundation is a highly effective makeup idea for summer.

3.    Switch To Silicone

A lightweight silicone based formula is one of the best options of melt proof makeup. Instead of applying foundation on your whole face, use a lighter quantity of silicon base along. The silicone acts as a film between your skin and the humidity, preventing foundation from seeping into your pores or sopping down your chin.

4.    Use Dense Concealer

Don’t experiment with makeup ideas for summer. Spots and marked skin do not vanish in hot weather, but the wrong concealer can. Always apply a densely pigmented, waterproof cream formula on your dark circles and red spots. Use of a dense concealer helps to maintain melt proof makeup in summers.

5.    Use Powder

Use of powder with primer is highly important, before applying any concealer or foundation. Our skin becomes oily and sweaty more rapidly in hot weather. Dust some loose powder on your nose, chin, upper lips and the center of your forehead. Applying powder on oily areas of your face is one of the best makeup ideas for summer, nowadays.

6.    Use Oil Blotters

To make your makeup melt proof and heat resistant, it is advised to use oil blotters. Sometimes shine can still occur during the day. Instead of applying extra layers of powder to prevent oil leakage, use an oil blotter to get rid of excess shine. Using oil blotters is a healthy makeup idea for summer, as they soak up excess oil without messing up your makeup.

7.    Neon Lips

With bright sunny season, our lipstick shades also becomes bold and fluorescent. Fresh makeup ideas for summer lipsticks are neon and glossy beige lips. Avoid using a lip gloss, which can easily get runny and sticky in the sun. A melt proof makeup tipto prevent your lipstick from bleeding is the usage of lip stains. A tinted lip balm with high wax content helps to keep your lipstick smooth.

8.    Graphic Statement Eyes

Use bright, neon colors and pastel eyeshades this summer. Glowing and soft eye shades are in trend nowadays, as a fresh makeup idea for summer. Give finishing with a waterproof eyeliner and mascara. It can withstand heat for longer hours without smudging. Another melt proof makeup tip is to change your powder eye shadow with a cream. Waterproof cream shadows don’t crease in hot weather.

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