Monsoon Makeup Tips For Beautiful Skin

Monsoon Makeup Tips For Beautiful Skin

Monsoon Makeup Tips for Beautiful SkinHuman skin is the most outer layer of the body which covers and protects the inner tissues, ligaments, internal organs and bones. Besides, it is the outer and most visible part of our bodies which makes us look pretty and complete. But every pretty thing has to be taken care with all love and right knowledge, so that it may not get rough and damaged.

  • Skin Care In Monsoon:-

Our skin is a porous sheet unto our body which continuously excretes waste materials of our body and also reacts according to the seasonal changes in weather so one has to take care of the skin all the time especially in the monsoon weather where the temperature is friendly but the atmosphere is so humid especially for our facial skin which is very delicate and yet the mirror of our personality. Sometimes, the waste materials excreted from our skin remain inside the pores because of moisture in the air and can create itching, pimples etc so to keep your skin clean in monsoon you must follow following steps:-

  • Wash and cleanse your skin regularly with a good quality dermatological tested soap or face wash, you can always use lemon peel to cleanse your face whenever you come back home.
  • Scrub out the dirt particles present in the skin pores.
  • Use toner to remove some dead skin and cells after scrubbing.
  • Use moisturizer.
  • Do not use makeup directly after this process.

Makeup Tips For Monsoon:-

Makeup in monsoon should be kept very minimal as the weather has a lot of moisture in it and over layering of cosmetics can create irritation but how can a woman live without makeup? Nah! So keep glamorizing your beautiful skin in monsoon.

  • Base & Foundation In Monsoon

You must not use oil based foundation use a water based one and don’t forget to matt your skin grease using face powder before starting makeup.

  • Eye Makeup In Monsoon

Use some matte neon light colors in shadows, try not to use kajal but you can use water proof eyeliner and mascara. Do not use too much shine on eyes.

  • Lips Makeup In Monsoon

Try to use some pulpy vibrant colors to give your face a fresh and fruity look.

  • Blush-On In Monsoon

Use some light pink blush on your cheeks to have some fresh young and healthy makeup finish.

Makeup For Lads/Boys In Monsoon:-

If girls can do makeup woo-doo why can’t boys have fun with their face, so to have beautiful skin this monsoon regularly

  • Give your face a gentle massage or facial to rub off dirt.
  • Don’t forget to use moisturizer to bridge the lack of moist in your skin due to sweating.
  • Always use normal sun block before going out.

Healthy Diet For Beautiful Skin In Monsoon:-

For healthy and beautiful skin in monsoon keep following tips always in mind

  • Use more and more fresh fruits and juices available in monsoon.
  • Take a deep and enough nap
  • Never skip a meal
  • Include dairy products in your diet

And remember deficiency and excess of everything is bad so keep it normal, for glowing and fresh skin in monsoon.

  • Skin Care Tips For Full Body In Monsoon :-

To have beautiful body skin this monsoon, follow these steps in daily routine

  • Try to avoid direct sunlight.
  • Keep yourself covered for time being when you are standing or walking on a roadside.
  • Whenever you come back home always wash your face and sprinkle rose water and take a fresh shower.
  • Always remove your makeup with a soft milk cleanser before going to bed.

Keep all these skin care tips in your mind and enjoy healthy skin and harmless makeup this monsoon.


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