Mystical Fantasy Makeup

Mystical Fantasy Makeup

fancy makeupA makeup can be categorized into several types on the basis of events or occasions it is applied for. One of such modern makeup techniques is mystical fantasy makeup, also known as ‘Special Effects Makeup’, to completely transform an individual looks and appearance. The art of mystical fantasy makeup is inspired from ancient Egypt, when Romans used to lighten their faces with chalk as a lead based makeup. Later, it gained more popularity and got recognition as a creative makeup art in Asian countries especially India.

The mystical fantasy makeup is basically used to create a dramatic look, with various color combinations and makeup techniques. Mystical fantasy makeup allows a full range of creativity, whether you wear a subtle fantasy look or a detailed display. The fantasy makeup is typically used for media personalities in order to change their looks and represent the whimsical characters they play. In addition, mystical fantasy makeup is also used for special occasions like Valentine’s Day, Halloween or themed parties.

  • Types of Mystical Fantasy Makeup:

The significance of mystical fantasy makeup lies in its creative transformations and dramatic appearances. Use of various vibrant color patterns like fuchsia, gold, silver, neon and glittery metallic are perfect for creating fantasy looks and makes an essential part of mystical fantasy makeup. The demand of mystical fantasy makeups especially high in school programs, television shows and movies, presenting fantasy characters like a fairy, mermaid, vampire, butterfly, peacock, ice-queen, tiger, kitty cat, witches, insects or other animals.

Mystical fantasy makeup art is not only limited as a makeup art on your eyes, cheeks and lips, but it actually treats your whole face as a blank canvas. You can transform yourself into a completely different character by turning your face into an artistic masterpiece. Mystical fantasy makeup requires a lot of practice and a creative focus. This art of makeup is highly popular among children and teenage girls, as they are extremely fond of applying mystical fantasy makeup on parties and fairs.

  • Most Practiced Mystical Fantasy Makeup Ideas:

Some of the most popular and famous mystical fantasy makeup ideas include Cleopatra Makeup, Mermaid Makeup, Peacock Makeup, Halloween Makeup, Butterfly Makeup and Fairy Makeup etc.These types of mystical fantasy makeup are usually done for stage plays and theaters of Indian schools, as Indian culture and society is rich in celebrating these events. However, fantasy makeup is not recommended for daily use. One can wear mystical fantasy makeup only for special occasions to get a different look and feel. Wearing it on an everyday basis kills the joy of that special look.

  • Mystical Fantasy Makeup Inspiration:

The art of mystical fantasy makeup offers an opportunity to use vivid and extreme colors.The beauty of this makeup technique lies in its creative designs and color combinations. You can get inspiration for mystical fantasy makeup from anywhere. It is not necessary to keep yourself restricted to whimsical characters or creations, besides your idea for mystical fantasy makeup might be inspired from nature or surrounding environment. For a higher visual impact, it is advised to use bright colors that contrast and then add an unexpected element. In true means, the art of mystical fantasy makeup is all about bringing fresh ideas and later, putting your creativity into function to get the fabulous artistic looks.

You can also compliment your mystical makeup and overall look by using accessories like jewelry items, beads, crystals, ornamental stones, feathers, flowers and shiny stickers etc. In addition to that, your hair styling, clothing attire and shoes style should also compliment your mystical makeup fantasy character.

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