Tips & Tricks to Hide a Big Nose

Tips & Tricks to Hide a Big Nose

Tips Tricks for Hide a Big NoseMakeup does wonders to you and it sure has the capability to enhance your features. Makeup can help you enhance your natural beauty. You don’t necessarily have to apply too much of makeup but all you need to do it to know how to enhance your natural features.

The main aim of this article is to have makeup tips for how to hide a big nose with makeup.

Accentuate Other Features

The basic tip of how to hide a big nose with makeup is to enhance and keep the focus on the other features of the face. The eyes and the lips should be the main focus. Keep the focus on your eyes by going for a dark eyeliner and mascara. Everyone’s eyes are beautiful all they need is the attention and the right makeup for them. Make your lips stand out by playing around with bright and bold colors. Another makeup tip is to keep your makeup balanced. Don’t be heavy handed with both your eyes and lips.


The focus should not just be on your face you should be making sure you give the proper attention on the hair, since hair plays a major role in bringing out your best and worst features. The people with big nose should avoid short haircuts that will highlight your nose.  Ladies the best tip for how to hide a big nose. Go for a haircut with layers but avoid bangs that fall on your face. All that you need to do is to opt for the side- swept bangs, but make sure you avoid front and blunt bangs. Aim at keeping your hair fluffy and voluminous rather than flat and limp hair.


Last and the most important makeup tip for hiding a big nose with makeup. All this makeup tip asks for is patience and lots of practice to perfect the art of contouring. As I already mention that applying makeup is an art in itself.

Selection of Foundation

Always start with a clean face and apply a little toner. After that, apply your usual foundation on the face. The color tone of the foundation should be appropriate for your skin. Then choose a foundation that’s a shade darker than your regular foundation and apply it to the sides of your nose to cover a wide nose or to the tip of your nose to cover a long nose. The tricky part is not applying the foundation but how well you blend it so that it looks natural because otherwise the nose will end up looking horrible.  When you are done with this particular makeup tip then apply a lighter color on the bridge of the nose. Blend thoroughly and apply a translucent powder on the sides of the nose. The important makeup tip to hide your big nose is to make sure that the foundation on your nose is not visible or it doesn’t stand out.

Eye Makeup

Everyone will notice your eyes rather than the lips so make sure that you work on the eyes.  If you want to align your nose, you must highlight the bridge just till the point before it ends and not all the way to the tip. This will give the nose a pinched look and give it a perfect shape and the makeup tip to hide a big nose will help.

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