Wedding Makeup Tips for Indian Brides

Wedding Makeup Tips for Indian Brides

Wedding Makeup Tips for Indian BridesBridal makeup is definitely the most important part of bride’s look and ensemble. To make that day very special and inspire your partner forever it is very important to do it in best. Because in this way you will make direct door to his heart forever, so try avoiding blunders and experiments for your bridal makeup.

To get that “WOW-That’s the best bride” comment from everyone around you, follow the below enlisted steps and tips for your wedding makeup especially for Indian brides.

As soon as you get to know the date of that big day, you must start finding the beautician who can help you groom your whole look. Make schedules with her, which will include regular toning and moisturizing of face as well as your body.

Arrange massage sessions to relax and make your skin smoother and loveable. Have sessions of herbal products as well as medicated ones. But do not overdo the process as these will make your skin pores open, and make it more oxygenated which can affect directly on the skin if overdone.

Get your body waxed on timely basis 2-3 months before your wedding day, so that your skin becomes smoother and used to it. As to also know how your skin reacts over skin care products because sometimes wax patches create roughness and rashes. So avoid waxing only just before 2 days of your wedding for the very first time.

Use hot wax on your facial hair, and avoid waxing on face if you have more hair on your face than others comparatively. For its solution there are a lot of techniques such as laser etc. are available, but if you’re going for it be sure for the best person in town.

Now that your wedding day is nearer so it’s time to take care of the final makeup. If you are done with your bridal dress it’s better to just make your beautician have a look at it, so that the final makeup has the same color or complimenting tints.

Your makeup should be perfectly complicating your dress, jewelry and of course the trends that are going on. Try having a mock up makeup session to get the idea how you are going to look on your wedding day. Keep this point in view, that do not let your beautician make you a wedding cake filled with all base and blush-on. Sometimes it turns into a blunder when your makeup is overdone.

Do not use base which is a tint lighter than your face because it can make you look like a smiling clown. It’s better to use concealers for a brighter and fresher look. Use water based makeup in summers especially so that make up doesn’t melt down along with your repute. Do not experiment with colors which you already know that never have suited you, it’s better to do the makeup, which make you look best in your look and complete your bridal ensemble.

Remember only same day makeover is not going to make you look like a princess, for your wedding day makeup and look you must give your best at the backup.

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