Nail Polish Trends for Spring 2012

Nail Polish Trends for Spring 2012

Nail Polish Trends for Spring 2012Nail art of 2012 has brought a lot of change in fashion and style. It is not a secret anymore; girls have started experimenting with unique ideas and trends at home. So far as parlors are concerned, that is involuntary now as girls, teenagers; ladies have become intelligent enough to do their self.

Usually after searching and scanning all the new nail polishes trends of 2012 and picking our favorite styles, we unquestioningly head to stock up our favorite shades, colors assuming we had all that was necessary for the time being.

Ladies now with help of internet and exposure, experiment with different colors and layers giving their nails a distinct look. For example many shades of reds over a golden one looks great or golden color looks WOW on a black shade. The international fashion industry plays with peoples mind to bring in the latest fashion trend of nail art, to make people feel they must keep up with new fashion trends of 2012 and keep shopping. So dress up cool rings, nail piercing gives a very interesting look to your hands and if are blessed with long nails, then painting with an exotic color on the underside would provide an outstanding touch to your hands. But here choosing a contrasting color would give a dominant effect to your beauty and further enhance it.

Manicures and Pedicures

An important role here is held with the quality of manicure and pedicure which can really give your hands a cleaner result, it’s utterly convenient in countries of NYC—as nail polish trend of 2012 are cheap. Dry, unattractive, peeling nails look really very tacky and painful, especially when they turn into hangnails.

Wrap the Tips of your Nails with Polish

Application of nail polish in a proper way is essential; ensure it to apply it over the front edge of the nail. This helps prevent chipping off. One further tip is to keep your nails moisture and don’t let it dry. Use softening creams and almond oils on the nail polishes. Use nail polish remover and smooth over the chipped area of nail and re-apply another coat.

Maintain Fresh Polish

Keep your manicure and pedicure by applying a layer of fresh layer of topcoat of nail polish every other morning.  A proper manicure should last 1 to 2 weeks where as a pedicure should last 2 weeks.

Deal with Smudges and Stains

Smudged your polish while painting is common part and parcel of the game. So dip your finger in nail polish remover d clean it properly, then repaint your nail with a fresh coat of nail polish.

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