Tips to Make Your Nail Paint Stay Longer

Tips to Make Your Nail Paint Stay Longer

Nail Care - Tips to Make Your Nail Paint Stay LongerPainting nails can be quite a time consuming and tedious task but it adds an edge and color to your overall look. Nail paint does not stay for long; rather, it gets chipped off and starts to look worn out within a matter of just a few days.

But this problem of nail paint for nails can be sorted out if you follow these simple steps and keep in mind when it comes to painting nails.

  • Wash Away Body Oils

Our body secretes its own oils all the time which makes the nails get a bit greasy. Therefore, before applying nail paint, soak your hands or just the fingertips in a bowl of luke warm water with a little bit of shower gel. Then after ten minutes or so, take your hands and dry them out with a towel. Make sure the nails are now dry and not greasy. This will help in better and lasting application of nail paint.

  • The Base and Top Coat

The application of a base and a top coat is ideal to make your nail paint last longer. Moreover, it not only helps in making the nail paint last longer but it also helps in keeping your nails strong and healthy. Moreover, it also prevents them from being dull and discolored too. A good base and top coat on nails is a great way to make your nail paint look lustrous and lasting.

  • The Natural Dry

A nail paint which is dried with a hair dryer or similar tool is more likely to chip off as compared to the one that has been dried out naturally. Therefore, when it comes to your nails and nail paint, make sure that you are patient enough to give time to the nail paint to dry out and set naturally. This helps in giving a natural, smoother and shinier feel to your nails with nail paint.

  • Wear Gloves

Lastly and very importantly, wear gloves when you are running the household errands. It will prevent the nails from chipping and your nail paint won’t be ruined. Moreover, once you are done with the household work, apply a cuticle protectant or moisturizer but avoid the regular hand creams and body lotions as they will take away the luster of your nail paint.

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