5 FAQs While Using Vaseline This Winter

5 FAQs While Using Vaseline This Winter

As the winter months draw in, it’s easy to start seeing the physical effects on our bodies. From dry, chapped skin to wind chaffed lips, the cold weather can sometimes makes us feel a little less spritely.

5 FAQs While Using Vaseline This Winter
5 FAQs While Using Vaseline This Winter

Luckily there are a few top beauty products that can help protect us from the worst of this damage and we’ve put together some top tips on using one of the best: Vaseline. Answering all the key questions from ‘is Vaseline harmful?’ to ‘where does it even come from?!’ we’ve got you covered.

  1. How does it actually work? What is Petroleum Jelly? And what is that name all about?

Despite being used as a beauty product, Petroleum Jelly is actually a by-product of the oil industry. The substance was first discovered on oil rigs in the 1850s where workers noticed the restorative use on their skin and its use gradually filtered through to the general public. Since then the ‘Wonder Jelly’ has been developed for a wide range of different uses from lip balm to wound protector.

  1. Is it safe for my skin?

Because of the name ‘Petroleum Jelly’, people often wonder is Vaseline harmful? Although using a by-product of the oil industry on your skin might not sound strange, Vaseline is actually completely safe to use for a whole range of household uses. Vaseline’s brand of Petroleum Jelly is actually triple-filtered for purity to provide an unrivalled smooth consistency that can be used for topical use all over the body. Like a lot of beauty and skincare products, people have tested Vaseline for any potentially harmful effects and found no clinical evidence that links the product with health issues.

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  1. What about my lips?

Vaseline is a great option for lip balm. It works differently from other products on the market as instead of simply adding artificial moisturizing elements onto the skin, it creates a seal to prevent essential moisture from escaping. This makes it particularly useful on cold days when a harsh wind can often sap the plumpness from your lips if not protected.

  1. Can I use it on my baby?

Yes! You definitely can. Lots of new parents ask if Vaseline is harmful for their infants, but in fact it’s great for diaper rash and dry skin on little ones. The protective seal means the body has a chance to get better naturally and maintains a moist environment for faster healing. It is worth mentioning that while Vaseline is safe to use on babies, you should avoid putting it on their lips – it’s far too easy for them to swallow it accidentally!

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  1. What is the impact of Petroleum Jelly on the environment?

As a by-product of an industrial process, Petroleum Jelly would be created whether we chose to use it or not. By putting the substance to good use, consumers are actually avoiding waste in some ways. And, considering Vaseline’s proprietary triple-filter process, you don’t have to worry about contaminants getting through into the product you use either.

So there you have it, lots of reasons why Vaseline is great for winter and answers to important questions like ‘where does it come from’ and ‘is Vaseline harmful.’ Here’s to beautiful, moisturized skin right through until spring.

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