7 Essential Body Parts With Applying Sunscreen

7 Essential Body Parts With Applying Sunscreen

Summer is already here and we are not taking enough precautions to protect our skin. Did you know, that applying sunscreen only on your arms or face is not enough to protect yourself from tanning? There are other certain body parts as well that need protection from the harsh scorching heat of the summers. Using a sunscreen with a good SPF value of at least 30 or 50 is crucial to protect your skin from the harmful UV rays of the sun. It is also important to keep in mind that applying sunscreen only while stepping out is not what experts recommend, but using sunscreen even when you stay inside is equally vital. 

There are certain body parts where we think the sun does no harm, so we avoid applying the sunscreen on those areas most of the times. Below is a list that mentions the essential body parts to be protected by applying sunscreen:


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Your lips are as delicate as your skin and they need protection from the harmful UVA and UVB rays of the sun. Applying a lip balm with a good SPF value is necessary for your lips. Not applying anything to protect your lips leads to cracked and dark lips as a result of tan.



Would you like a different shade of your face and your ears? We guessed not! So, to avoid such an embarrassing situation, you must apply sunscreen on your ears as well. Though your ears stay hidden most of the times with your hair or any piece of cloth you wrap around to hide from the sun, even then they are absolutely prone to tanning just as much as your face and other skin areas.



It doesn’t matter if you are wearing a full sleeved shirt or not, you can still get a tan on your shoulders. Such area can easily get damaged as it is sensitive and softer from your arms and elbows. Use a high SPF to avoiding tanning on the shoulders, even when you are inside and especially while you are planning to go for a swim.



Most of you pretty ladies ignore to take care of your feet, don’t you girls! But this is the body part that gets most damaged by the summer sun because it is exposed more than other parts. We are sure none of you wear boots or shoes in summers, except for the workout sessions, so why don’t you protect them just like other parts of your body? Start using a sunscreen with SPF 50 at least, otherwise, your feet will be of an opposite shade than your whole body.



Applying makeup is not enough ladies! It won’t protect your precious eyelids from the sun damage. Eyes are known to be the most delicate parts of our body, so we need to take a little extra care of them. If you are not comfortable using a sunscreen lotion on your eyelids then you can also use sunscreen stick, though it’s a little waxy and sticky, but it will protect your eyelids from the harmful UVA & UVB rays of summer sun.



There are multiple brands of hair oils available in the market that you can buy to apply on your scalp, to protect it from scorching summer heat and avoid dry and itchy scalp. The harmful UV rays of the sun can easily damage the scalp and hair if you don’t take precautions to make them safer and healthier during summers. It can also lead to boils and itchy scalp if the sun penetrates deep inside your scalp. So, use a hair sunscreen and get healthy hair.



It is noticed most of the times, people having dark and dry elbows, this is because you avoid the elbow region for applying sunscreen altogether. It is extremely imperative to protect your elbows as much as you need to protect your hands and arms. Take a good amount of sunscreen with high SPF and apply thoroughly on your elbows.


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