Things not to do while wearing a Sari

Things not to do while wearing a Sari

Wearing a sari is pure elegance in itself; it gives one a refined sense of being and makes a woman glorious in her aura.

Wearing a sari is pure elegance in itself; it gives one a refined sense of being and makes a woman glorious in her aura. But wearing a sari can go nastily wrong as well. So here are a few things that one must absolutely reject and avoid while wearing one.

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1. Wearing extensively heavy jewellery with your sari is a big and fat no, why you ask? Simple; your sari is already a perfect jewel as it is. It is refined and has a heavy blouse and an even heavier pallo. If you top it with a massive set of jewellery it is most likely to look atrocious and diminishing to the sari that you are wearing. Therefore it is best to keep it simple and elegant.

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2. As mentioned several times before, it is obvious that there is more than one way to drape sari. It can be worn in respect of a particular Indian culture or it can be worn as ordinarily it is in most of India. However, if you keep on experimenting there is a chance you will come across a style you do not recognize with, this may result in your beautiful sari, to look redundantly regular and boring. So stick with what you know.

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3. A lot of actresses in the industry these days can be seen wearing a flared petticoat with their sari’s. Though it may give your sari a look of extra flare, it mostly does not look nice at all. Therefore this must be avoided as thoroughly as possible, because if you already are a little broad and bulky, this will make you look bulkier and heavier, and no woman wants that.

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4. Don’t try to secure your sari from every single corner. A lot of people who wear sari’s that is experimenting with their style try to secure it from the front, the back, the bottom and the top and every other corner. Though this may make you feel a little secure about your sari, it will not make the sari look elegant it will only show the pins and knots and make it look dull and pointless.

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5. Wear elegant shoes. Tall women are often seen wearing a sequenced flat chappal with a heavy sari, whereas a lot of other women are seen wearing elegant heels. Do not pick shoes that you can wear with jeans or western dresses to go with your sari. The wrong choice often results in your sari to look rather plain and shuns it of all its beauty. Pick an elegant, sandal like shoe for your sari; one that adds beauty, not reduces it.

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