5 DIY Cute Rakhis for Little Brothers

5 DIY Cute Rakhis for Little Brothers

To strengthen the bond of love between siblings, get your little girls to make customised Rakhis for their brave brothers before demanding a handsome gift. Handmade goodies have their own charm and they carry the essence of being personalised. Girls can expand their imagination and work around their creativity to craft a special Rakhi that you will never see on anyone else. And brothers will be proud to flaunt their sisters’ love on their wrists.

So let them pick a theme and look for all the material to make him a special rakhi that he will cherish this Raksha Bandhan.

cute rakhiBeads Bracelet Rakhi: Although this will be a simple outcome of your creativity, it will surely make your brother feel extra loved.

What you need: A few coloured beads, satin ribbons, scissors, glue, a piece of cardboard.

How to Proceed:

i. Take the satin ribbons (3-4 colours) to make a colourful rakhi and cut them to fit your brother’s wrist (keep it bigger to enable you to tie).

ii. Tie a knot on one end and twist the ribbons to make a colourful braid.

iii. Now cut a small piece of cardboard in a circle or square (2×2 cm). Make a design of your choice and decorate with sequins and coloured beads. (Use scissors to cut the cardboard and glue for decoration.)

iv. Once decorated paste it in the centre of the ribbon band. Your unique, personalised and love-filled Rakhi is ready.

rakhi for brothersFloral Ribbon Rakhi: This is another simple design that looks neat and would suit an older brother’s wrist.

What you need: Felt paper in 2-3 colours, glue, scissors, ribbon (thin, solid colour), some sequins or a flower appliqué to decorate.

How to Proceed:

i. Cut the felt paper in a circular shape to make the Rakhi.  All the three coloured circles should be different sizes (Bigger to smaller so that you can make a pretty layered design when placed on each other).

ii. Paste each circle on top of another to make a colourful layering design.

iii. Now cut a piece of ribbon that you can tie easily. Stick the circle on the centre of the ribbon and let it dry.

iv. You can decorate the felt paper with sequins or the flower appliqué and make it fancy.

rakhi giftsCartoon Rakhi: For this one you can use a favourite cartoon character, toy or superhero picture that your brother loves and get creative.

What you need: Felt paper in two colours, scissors, glue, one ribbon cut to size and a small picture of a cartoon character, toy or superhero (download from internet).

How to Proceed:

i. Cut the felt papers in two different circular sizes.

ii.  Place one on top of the other and use glue to keep them in place. Place the picture (smaller than the circle) inside the circular felt papers and outline with sparklers if you like.

iii. Now attach the felt circle to the centre of the ribbon and let it dry.

rakhi imagesBraided Rakhi: This braided rakhi is a simple one that will look pretty smart on your big brother’s wrist without being too childlike or girlie.

What you need: Thick coloured threads or wool (3 colours), a small diamond ring (u can use an old earring by removing the stick or even a fancy button).

How to Proceed:

i. Take the three coloured threads in half the size of the Rakhi and make a knot on one end.

ii. Now make a braid like one that you make in your hair. Attach the ends to the ring.

iii. Now repeat the braid to complete your Rakhi with the ring as centre. (refer to pic)

raksha bandhan cardsDiamond-shaped Rakhi: This Rakhi will add some bling on your bro’s wrist with all the shiny embellishments.

What you need: Coloured beads, diamonds, glue, scissors, cardboard, a gold thick thread.

How to Proceed:

i. Cut out a diamond shape out of the cardboard or make a fancy design. Make it big enough to be able to decorate but not too big.

ii. Decorate the insides of the cardboard with beads and diamonds (you can explore your creativity and make a colourful design).

iii. Make tiny holes on each end of the diamond to pass the thread by.

iv. Take a needle with thread and pass it through the holes to make a band that you can tie.

Courtesy: idiva

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