6 Brides Talk About The ONE Wedding Hack That Actually Works

6 Brides Talk About The ONE Wedding Hack That Actually Works

From the moment you decide to get married, till the time you step onto a mandap, you’ll be bombarded with a thousand and two wedding tips. Everything from trying on your make-up before the big day to avoiding extra food costs, you’ll get to hear it all from everyone – friends, relatives, the internet and the aunty on the local train. But come to think of it, half of them don’t really make any sense.

6 Brides Talk About The ONE Wedding Hack That Actually Works

Like resting for 15 days to not get any dark circles on D-day… rest and weddings just don’t go hand in hand? Or simply hiring a wedding planner and not stressing, not going to happen either. Wedding planners sometimes cause more stress – hello, more expenses! So what really does make sense? Who better than brides to answer this question. We spoke to six real dulhans who told us about the one hack that actually worked for them and that they would happily pass on to friends and family. Check out their tips here and add them to your wedding list.

1. Organise your clothes

“I was the first one in the family to get married so things were pretty chaotic. One thing that my aunt told me was to organise my clothes, and not just get them fitted and ironed but also put them in bags with everything else that I needed that day. I make several bags with my clothes, undergarments, jewellery, makeup and shoes and put them away in a cupboard. It really helped avoid last minute panic, looking for things, and if I had to get ready in a different room, and I had to do was pick up the bag and go. Saved me a whole lot of time.”

2. Go easy on the food budget

“I had spent a lot of money on my wedding gown and the food budget was a little tight. I read a tip on the internet saying that your display food, and food that you actually eat should be different. While it may seem like double the expense, it worked out great for us. We got this amazing two-tier wedding cake with a whole lot of detailing and we got another simple (same flavour) cake for all the guests. It helped cut down the cost because the fancy cake cost less, because it was just 2 kgs. The larger cake wasn’t a crazy expensive, but it tasted good and there was plenty of it to feed the entire guest party.”

6 Brides Talk About The ONE Wedding Hack That Actually Works

3. Practise in the heels

“I love my flats and wearing heels on my wedding day was a BIG deal. A friend asked me to walk around in the new shoes every day before my wedding and that really helped. The shoe bites that were reserved for D-Day happened a month earlier and I could actually walk without looking like a clown.”

4. Don’t experiment with the makeup

“Most people tend to buy fancy makeup on their wedding day, but I choose to stick to the brands that I regularly use. I picked shades that I was comfortable with and because I wear them regularly, I was super confident. Also the age-old advice of getting your bridal make-up done once before the big day is really, really true. It helps sort out the look better and avoid last minute glitches on your wedding day.”

5. Keep the dress fittings for last

“Getting the perfect fit for your wedding lehenga is number one priority but what worked for me was leaving out the fitting bit for last. Trust me, added weight because of stress eating or losing weight because of all the running around is going to end up affecting your final fit. Instead of running to the tailor twice, just go 10 days prior and get the right fit.”

6 Brides Talk About The ONE Wedding Hack That Actually Works

6. Make an emergency bridal kit

“I was the last one to get married in my girl-gang and everyone gave me one big tip – make an emergency bridal kit for the big day. I added everything from bobby pins to glue to safety pins and even a thread and needle in the emergency pouch. And it sure helped; ten minutes before my ring ceremony the zipper on my dress broke.

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