Madhu Sapre

Madhu Sapre

Madhu Sapre is a hot Indian model who spells elegance and class along with the spice of controversies and scandals; all these characteristics are what made her a supermodel and the one who was confident and bold while working.

Madhu Sapre is one of the hottest models in India. The amazing facial figures and the feature of being the second runners up at the 1992 Miss Universe contest; she represented India and made sure that she is in the lime light throughout. Madhu Sapre has been a sports girl and she talked about the lack of sports fields in India in the contest.

The Madhu Sapre Picture’s scandal

They say where there is smoke there is fire. Madhu Sapre being a celebrity and a hot model becomes a target to many scandals including the scandal about Madhu Sapre pictures. Madhu Sapre was a part of scandals throughout India about her and her ex-boyfriend Milind Soman’s nude pictures being printed in an ad for tuff shoes. The case against her was registered by the social service branch of the Mumbai police in August 1995. Yet after this she had to face another case by the Wildlife Protection Act against the advertising agency for the illegal use of python in the advertisement. The accused included the publishers and the distributors. The entire controversy of the two super models of the era stretched for a long period of time due to the exotic Madhu Sapre pictures. The case lasted for 14 long years. The model didn’t just become famous but also had to face the adverse effects that one has for fame.

Madhu burning fire on the ramp

Madhu Sapre when walks on the ramp she ensures some jaws to drop and leave the designers in a state of amazement. As we have already noted that Madhu Sapre pictures were not just brilliant but is a true model that faced the most controversial scandal in India. Madhu Sapre also rocked the ramp. She now lives in Italy and is married. During her era of modeling she used to rock the ramp. Her amazing height, her versatile looks, high cheekbones, excellent bone structure, child like lips and the down to earth attitude made her one of the favorite models of her time. She had tremendous mass appeal her body was supposed to be one of the best kept bodies in the fashion industry.

Versatile Model

Madhu Sapre pictures were not just appealing rather her ramp walk was also famous. The looks Madhu Sapre had have been famous all over the world because she had the looks of a traditional Indian lady and the versatility of a modern model. The lady remains the girl who could have managed to be Miss Universe if only she has polished her spoken skills back then. The position of Miss Universe can be secured by someone who has beauty and the brains. She belongs to a Maharashtrian family and the essence of her background has been there with her though out her modeling career.

Characteristics of a supermodel

Madhu Sapre has everything that a supermodel should have in her personality and looks. The fabulous and amazing profession life that Madhu Spare when on the ramp has had can be dedicated to the beautiful, tall, spunky, ethnic and most importantly untouchable. Even after she retired from modeling, she maintained the personality and looks. She is still unreachable and the dream girl of most men in India and all over the world. Madhu has been the model with the athletic body from the very begining and due to her body structure she has been appointed for sports advertisements. The amazing appeal that Madhu had could not be bought or bottled for the mass production.

The poses that Madhu Sapre pictures ever had for the camera during the shoots completely left the photographers and the brands she was the brand ambassador for; amazed. She kept giving the extravagant poses for the camera and did so confidently. She missed out the Miss Universe title because of her little clichéd answer but the best thing about her personality is she accepted and owned up to her mistake. The bold attempts she was always ready to make were her staircase towards success. Even the scandals and controversies she was involved in made her famous.

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