See What Latest Jewelry Trends have for you this Summer?

See What Latest Jewelry Trends have for you this Summer?

Jewelry is the symbol of feminine charisma no matter how a woman looks like; she has interest and a natural attraction for jewelry and especially for bangles and bracelets. This summer you might be finding about latest trends of bangles and bracelet. In this article you will have a perfect idea of what you should wear this summer on your appealing wrist.

Bangles and bracelets are liked by women and girls especially in South Asia. Women are much interested in bangles since they are traditional. A married woman wears bangles as the sign of their matrimony. On other hand, bracelets are liked by girls, who are much interested in looking stylish and loves to enjoy the spotlight as fashionable divas. In older days, Bangles were made of glass usually.
These glass bangles were one colored and of plain glass but now new jewelry trends this summer have given more variation to it like now bangles are available in iridescent colors instead of plain ones in past. Now you see plain glass bangles very rarely because glass bangles with tussles over them are much in trend nowadays.

In the same way another interesting feature added to new jewelry trends of bangles are the kundan designs on them. You can wear colorful glass bangles with tussles in home since these multi colored bangles will match with any outfit you wear, but if you are going to any party, picnic or ceremony then rich bangles having kundan designs are recommended. Bangles are cost effective because if you invest a little and have beautiful even embroidered bangles, no body’s gonna have their eyes off your feminine arm full of dangling bangles, since bangles have the traditional feminine look with eye catching ability.

Now coming to the bracelets, personally this is my favorite part since there is enough space to experiment with them. Bracelets are hot favorite in young girls. We see that most of the girls even can go out with out make up but not with out wearing their favorite stylish bracelets. Bracelets are ever green but in latest jewelry trends the bands are also added in this category. We see leather bands with logo or alphabets on them, they are available in black and brown colors usually but you can have these leather bands in every color. Bracelets for casual and formal both occasions are designed.

Like casual bracelets are in wooden and leather and some times its made like a braid of colorful threads but the formal bracelets are one step ahead since we can see beautiful gold, silver and diamond bracelets with beautiful designing. These formal bracelets are available in myriads of rich designs and embellishments. You just need to pick the one which suites your personality, mood and off course outfit. Dazzle into the latest fever of fashionable bracelets and rock this summer with the ‘chun chun chun’ of these feminine lures.

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