Republic Day of India

Republic Day of India

Happy Republic DayCelebration of Republic Day began with a Presidential to the nation, and includes an award ceremony, parades, and cultural programs in India.

At the time of independence of India on August 15, 1947, India did not have its own constitution. The constitution of India after getting approval from the national assembly came in to affect on January 26, 1950. Due the political and national significance of this date, it has been declared as the Republic Day and since then is celebrated with great zest around the country. India fought for years for independence and on this national day the sacrifice of the freedom fighters was paid off. The country became sovereign in true spirit and the dream of Mahatma Gandhi was realized. This date has been declared a national holiday and special festivities take place in order to commemorate the Republic Day.

 The celebration of Republic Day began with a Presidential to the nation. The government pays a special accolade to the martyrs for their sincere and brave efforts to safeguard the sovereignty of their county. Also the official of national forces and civilians who have shown an exceptional valor in the spirit of protecting and benefiting their country are recognized and awarded with medals. The Republic Day ceremony also includes the march of army, navy and air force in their fineries. Also, the grand parade is held in which the N.C.C cadets and the children of schools take part with great honor. Patriotic songs sung by children, the national flag raising ceremony, and the display of military equipment all create a sense of national pride on Republic Day.

Apart form this grand parade, the pageant of cultural performances and displays from all the corners of the country delight the national viewers on Republic Day. There are local and national cultural programs that underline the historical events of India. This rich cultural heritage of India displayed on this Republic Day is telecasted live and the whole country rejoices the spirit of sovereignty.

Since, Republic day is a national holiday, all the local and government institutions, organizations are closed. The security arrangements are high on Republic Day and roads are swarming with the parades. The national day, however, arouse the sense of patriotism and pride for the prosperous and divers cultural heritage.

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