Weekly Horoscope: 24th November To 30th November 2014

Weekly Horoscope: 24th November To 30th November 2014


The events lined up for this week shall give you great joy. You shall kick-start the week with great zeal as transiting Moon, Venus and Sun shall be together. Besides, the New Moon in Sagittarius is going to boost your enthusiasm and make you think more positively. This week you may also begin a foreign or a long-distance trip. It’s not the time for planning, but for action. During this phase you shall be very busy with tasks like guiding and helping others. Selfless deeds shall give you a great sense of satisfaction and you shall realise how much pleasure can be had, by sharing what is yours with others. As financial aspects are in your favour, you shall not have anything major to worry about on this front. Personal relationships, however, may remain dicey during this week, feels Ganesha.


Ganesha foretells that married couples shall now focus on their relationship and may try to establish more intimacy with each other. The ideal way to get rid of boredom this week shall be to take interest in each other’s activities. Contribute to each other’s life the best way you can. You are likely to become conscious about your behaviour in and out of home. You shall also feel like working on your financial plans or may decide to overhaul them completely. Moreover, Ganesha advises you to discuss savings plans with your spouse. Those who have applied for loans have stars in their favour this week. Mercury’s position suggests that discussions with your partner should be pragmatic and not emotional. In other words, you shouldn’t start the blame game, or else it may spoil the mood set for the whole week.


Ganesha predicts an eventful week ahead for you. A new love affair could begin under Venus, Moon and the Sun’s transit. If you have been searching for business partners, this week is good for initiating negotiations. Those looking to raise finances for their businesses also have stars in their favour. Moreover, Ganesha feels that during this week you shall be eager to socialise and shall also have enough energy for it. Nevertheless, you shall be contacting people only if you need their help or favour. This approach could make them feel that you are selfish, but you shall not mind it because you know it, as well as anyone else that in this hectic modern life, this is the norm. When it comes to sharing information with others, you shall follow the ‘need to know’ policy.


In the initial stages of this week, Ganesha predicts that you shall take some concrete decisions regarding your health, and it is not a day too soon, as you have been neglecting this aspect of your life for too long. You may feel that unless you start a new diet schedule, you may not be able to maintain the desired level of health and fitness. You may also realise that you are demanding too much from your body and mind, but not doing enough to keep them in ship shape. This is an extremely good time to inculcate good new habits and get rid of old and undesirable habits. Whether you are in job or business, you shall be working with full enthusiasm and you may also be looking at your own work more objectively.


Ganesha feels that during this week, your creative instincts shall get a big boost. You shall be in a very jovial mood. Your approach towards work shall be very positive and you are unlikely to get tired even if you work for long hours. This is the right time to begin creative projects. Planets are also in your favour if you wish to go for further studies, specifically if you wish to start learning a new subject. Your kids are going to progress well, probably owing to your constant encouragement. Those who have not been in love or those who are estranged at present are going to start a new journey during this week. In other words, the chances of establishing a new romantic connection now are bright. This week you shall also be able to rebuild broken relations.


Business or job shall be progressing satisfactorily during this week, but deep inside you may be feeling that things are becoming a bit monotonous. On the personal front, if you have decided to buy a new house, this week is auspicious. Besides, if you have not invested any money, Ganesha advises you to do so now, as this phase is very auspicious for the same. You shall be more inclined towards your family and so you shall pay careful attention to each and every need of your nearest and dearest ones. Rather than watching some movie in a cinema hall, you shall prefer to watch it at home with your family. Moreover, you shall frankly express your feelings to your family members, and your frankness could actually hurt some loved ones, but you shall be able to appease their viewpoint fully.


Ganesha advises you to find some solitude this week by squeezing time out of your busy schedule. You shall be very busy communicating with people, exchanging emails with them and attending meetings. Your interactions are only going to become more frequent, creating a hue and cry in your mind, thereby necessitating some mental peace. You may find a friend who can identify with your need for solitude and also help you. During this week, you shall also become aware of your fears and weaknesses. It would be a good idea to start working on them before they can do any concrete damage. In a fit of nostalgia, some of you may wish to revive old habits of writing letters and sending greetings to loved ones, even though it may seem out of date in this modern age of electronic communications.


This week you shall be very practical, and work and plan as per the demand of ground realities. In case some of your plans go contrary to them, you shall modify them accordingly. You shall be focussing on your financial goals and budgets during this week. You may feel that it is necessary to have a considerable sum in your bank account for emergencies. You may also seek support from your family members and spouse in this regard. Moreover, this is the best time for you to invest in gold, government policies, etc. At the same time you should also check if your stock market investments are moving in the right direction. If their value has risen considerably since you bought them, this week is good to en-cash them. The total income of your family may increase in the near future.


Ganesha predicts that this week you may be smitten by an identity crisis, which shall in fact have a positive effect on you. As a result, you may readily change your views and habits, which shall in turn boost your self-confidence. You shall no longer remain low profile, and there shall be a distinct ring of authority in your voice. However, the chances of you becoming impulsive are strong. This week you need to be very careful about considering things from all angles before taking any major decision. Your associations with others shall be rewarding. However, you may not be in a mood to dole out concessions to under-performers, and hence people reporting to you may be constantly tensed. On the personal front too, your spouse may not be able to match up to your expectations.


During this week you are likely to explore your inner self in order to gain some peace of mind. Hence, for this you shall need some ‘alone-time’. Apart from meditating, you may wish to simply hang out all by yourself, read some of the books you always wanted to but never had the time, or listen to some soothing music. The planetary positions this week shall bless you with the required ‘focus’ to meditate. Of course, this also means that you may experience the desire to withdraw from all social activities. You shall also detest communicating with people simply for the sake of communicating.  In fact, you may feel that it is a sheer waste of time. On the work front, you shall be able to delegate and get much of your work done by others.


Ganesha foretells that a great week is ahead of you. Your personal life shall be particularly gratifying, as you shall share a good rapport with your spouse. Your friends shall also be very supportive and cooperative. You shall begin a new friendship too, and this is irrespective of your current status. This doesn’t mean that you shall get into an intense relationship, but yes, intimate emotional unions can be established under the influence of Venus and Sun’s favourable transit. At work, this week may test your patience. The key shall be to communicate more, as it shall give you more clarity regarding your ‘way ahead’. For businessmen, this is a slightly dull period, says Ganesha. Moreover, this week is going to keep you connected with people in the outside world, leaving you little or no time for your domestic affairs.


During this extremely favourable week, Ganesha predicts that the chances of you embarking on a new career are bright. Artists shall surely make good progress. This week is also good for businessmen and professionals. You shall be satisfied with your position in your company. You may also be promised good financial rewards. Although they may not materialise in the immediate future, you can count on the promise of your boss. On the love front, you shall be rather disinterested in romantic matters. You shall try to find peace and gratification in activities that you love to do, and you shall be able to identify yourself with some artistic or creative activities. By and large, this is the week during which you shall be focussing more on the finer aspects of your personality.

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