Weekly Horoscope: 5 January To 11 January 2015

Weekly Horoscope: 5 January To 11 January 2015


While ambitious Capricorns like to start the year off on an active note, 2015 is different. Yes, the sun is in your sign until January 18, pushing you to start anew. But, with three planets — Mercury, Venus, and Mars — hunkering down in your slow-and-steady second house, it’s going to be more tortoise than hare. Make sure you’re starting with a solid plan and the best possible building materials. Your appetite for luxury will be going strong, too.

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If you didn’t empty your bank account over the holidays, allow yourself to indulge in a special piece that will make your winter wardrobe sing. Wednesday’s meet-up of the moon and daring Jupiter could bring some extra heat for your love life. Talks could turn to exclusivity clauses, so consider going all-in. Stir up some excitement in a flatlining relationship with a sultry surprise. A quick trip to Kiki de Montparnasse may be in order.


With an electric convergence of Mercury, Venus, and Mars in Aquarius all week, you’ll feel like the flyest It Girl on the scene. Step into the frame and document your days. People will want to watch you in action now and the Instagram followers will pile up. You’ll feel motivated to step onto fresh (snowdusted) soil, both at work and in the game of love. With Venus and Mercury traveling at a close degree to each other — and making direct contact on Thursday — you’ll be clear about what turns you on, and what makes you colder than the Siberian steppe. Still, Aquarius, perhaps you need to be a little more patient with the people who can’t read your mind. They’re not all lost causes, and with a little training and instruction, they’ll learn exactly how to please you. If you’re on the fence about a romantic interest, Wednesday’s alignment of the moon and truth-bearer Jupiter could bring a make-it-or-break-it moment. The heart wants what it wants.


This week begins at a gentle trot rather than a full-throttle gallop. Although you may be eager to kick off those 2015 resolutions, there are three planets in your dreamy, enchanted 12th house this week, begging you to slow down. Hot pursuit of anything is NOT advised. Instead, tap into the Law of Attraction. For example, if you want to manifest true love, skip the desperate Tinder sprees. Instead, slip off for a relaxing salon treatment, dress in clothes that make you feel the most you, and buy fresh flowers for your desk. Translation: Get yourself into a romantic headspace. Afterwards, drawing that energy into your world will be easy. You can apply this methodology to anything you want to manifest from a record deal to start-up funds for a business. Act as if your desires have already come true. How would you carry yourself? What would you wear? Who would you need to meet? Suspend a little bit of that logic this week and see what happens when you shift your mindset before you chase the dream. Wednesday is the exception: Practical matters must be tended to quickly, even if that means setting aside emotions in the name of getting the job done.


First order of business, Aries: getting your 2015 dream team assembled. With a posse of planets in Aquarius — your 11th house of collaborations — starting the year off as a solo artist is not the way to go. Joining forces doesn’t mean giving up your autonomy and independence. Think of your ideal crew as a collective, but make sure everyone has a well-defined territory to cover to avoid doubling up on the same work. Got an idea for a blog, app, or YouTube channel? Get your geek on this week. You could become the Internet’s next breakout star or pocket some extra cash. Prefer to connect the old-fashioned way? Be a joiner this week: an indoor soccer league, activist group, or book club could call your name. Or, just be an innovative Aries and start your own club. Circle Wednesday as your hotspot for romance. With big-hearted Jupiter and the moon synced up, love could rush in fast and furious — and maybe with a sultry accent.


Drop that powersuit off at the dry cleaners, and make it a rush order. Your career is off to a strong start this first back-to-work week of 2015 and you’re ready to dive right in. But, just because you’re eager to set up pitch meetings, mergers, and brainstorming sessions, doesn’t mean the rest of the universe has accelerated to your ambitious pace. To avoid overwhelming anyone hanging out in holiday-hangover mode, go in with a light touch. You might have to wait a couple weeks to get on their calendars. To pass the time, focus on tasks you can develop behind the scenes. Have presentations polished to perfection and ready to reveal by January 20, when a supermoon hits in your 10th house of success. Give the guys top billing this week, too, as the 10th house rules the masculine. If men are your romantic preference, you could have your hands full. Wednesday is ideal for pulling one amazing fella aside for a one-on-one, whether you’re talking shop or planning your future together in a private booth.


The end to vacation mode is nowhere in sight for Gemini — not this week, at least. With your ruling planet Mercury on tour with sultry Mars and Venus in your ninth house of travel, the worldly adventurer in you needs to be sated. Don’t feel bad about burning through a block of vacation days already. Your passport, beach bag, and sarong are calling — or maybe your après ski wear and snowboard. Just be aware that Mercury will be retrograde from January 21 to February 11, which you might consider blackout dates for travel, or ones that will require extra planning and flexibility. If you can’t literally take a trip, start mapping out your spring break now. You thrive when you have something to look forward to. Close to home, mix it up by trying new activities and branching out socially. You could become a regular at a Crossfit, yoga, or spin studio, as the planets buoy your sporty side. In love, make a point of being more transparent from the jump. With Venus and outspoken Mercury making an exact meet-up this week, honesty is the best policy. Whether you’d prefer to keep things casual or you’re ready to make babies, like, yesterday, put it out there, so you don’t waste time with someone who’s on a totally different page.

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Don’t be so quick to trade your little black dresses for oversized layers, Cancer. A sultry assembly of stars in your erotic eighth house could keep you floating on a seductive cloud all week. Plan some evening activities and note that you might be out a little later than usual. The vixen in you comes out after nightfall this week. This cosmic cluster could affect other Cancers differently, however. Some Crabs could become totally consumed by the muse, slipping off to develop art, music, or other creative endeavors behind the scenes. Are you ready to transform an area of your life — the one that’s felt stuck for a while? First step: clearing out the old. In between candlelit dinners and songwriting sessions, start cutting ties or bagging up remnants from the past that might be blocking you from moving forward. A lucky money moment could come near Wednesday when the moon and bountiful Jupiter align in your career zone. Word could finally come about a job offer, promotion, or a project, so stay tuned.


Although your independent spirit is activated in 2015, you’ll still need a co-pilot or two for the ride. With three planets in your seventh house of relationships all week, keep the searchlight on for qualified candidates to be your other half. Seek a complementary force instead of an exact replica. If you’ve already met your match, sit down for a strategy session. How can you align your talents for shared success? Do your goals put you on the same page? If not, don’t stress. Finding innovative ways to support each other’s dreams is part of the fun — and might even include traveling to see your sweetie who’s working somewhere exciting abroad. On Wednesday, however, you have permission to be totally self-focused. With the moon and lucky Jupiter synced up in Leo that day, one of your biggest wishes for yourself could start to come true.


Let the lifehacking begin. Clever Mercury — your ruling planet — teams up with creative Venus and go-getter Mars in your sixth house of efficiency all week. You’ll be in full-on, stereotypical Virgo mode. Shamelessly color code your bookshelf, fill up some storage space on your phone with time-saving apps. (Wunderlist, which lets you share your obsessive listmaking tendencies with your patient circle of friends, must have been designed with Virgos in mind.) In between the joyous hits of checking off to-dos, download a few Groupons so you can sample new fitness studios. A dance-fusion workout could make an hour of cardio fly by, and maybe shredded biceps CAN come from chaturanga. Explore! This is a great week to try before buying into longterm memberships. On Wednesday, a moon-Jupiter meet-up puts every emotion under the magnifying glass. Pause from productivity mode to give your feelings their proper airtime. Lean on supportive friends and ask for their recommendations for healers, therapists, coaches, and other helpful people who can guide you to greater health and happiness.


Lights, camera, action. This first workweek of 2015 will feel more glamorous than laborious for you, Libra. With Mercury meeting up with cosmic love duo Venus and Mars in your passionate fifth house, you’ll be guided by the muse all week. Before you sit down to write a pitch letter, whip out the chic stationery to pen an old-fashioned love letter — or some gorgeous New Year’s cards to the people you are most thankful to have in your circle. Next, think about trying a new look. You might go platinum blond, ethereal purple, or try a pixie cut, who knows? Romantically, 2015 is off to a promising start. Put your foot down instead of wavering about what you want. When you’re clear and uncompromising — which you should be this week — you’ll find out quickly if you’ve met your match or if you need to move along. Don’t worry if it’s the latter. Your dance card will refill at supersonic speed.


Your decorating skills are off the map this week, as an energizing trio of planets converges in your domestic fourth house. Turning every environment into a jaw-dropping sanctuary of beauty could become an outright obsession. Download the Pantone app at once for help with drumming up gorgeous color schemes. Temporary wallpapers can make a room pop, even if you stick to a single (affordable) strip for a segment of the room. You could really make the winter hibernation thing an art form, too. Crank up the heat and put a leaf in your dining table. Be the first to host an elegant and intimate dinner party for your crew. Keep Chateau Scorpio open for drop-ins, and friends will happily stop by to help you empty your Netflix queue while you perfect your butternut squash soup recipe. Don’t fall off the wagon with your 2015 career quest. Lucky Jupiter gets an ambition-evoking hit from the moon this Wednesday, so make sure a midweek power lunch is on your calendar.

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Newsflash, oh independent Sagittarius: Even the most die-hard solo star — Sagittarius Miley Cyrus, for one — didn’t make it to the top alone. Before Queen B came Destiny’s Child and Kim Kardashian’s supporting cast of K’s didn’t hurt her ascent, either. As you kick off your year, tap into the power of collective action. Mercury, Venus, and Mars are clustered together in your third house of friends, siblings, and platonic partnerships, so you won’t have to look far to find your entourage. They might even share your DNA, so make it a sister act or a family affair. Writing projects also get a boost from this cosmic trifecta. Queue up the blog posts or set aside time for pounding out a chapter of your novel. You’re attracted to big ideas all week, but don’t rush to commit to any massive, time-consuming projects. Test the waters with a short-term project, which you might later be relieved was only a one-off. -refinery29

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