Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch Review

Apple iPad Pro 9.7-inch Review

When Apple released the iPad Pro last year, many thought the company did wrong in increasing the size. The compact size of the earlier iPad was its main charm. The iPad has been a success solely because it is like an Internet appliance, which a person can just pick and consume and digest digital content with ease. With the iPad Pro 12.9-inch, the company attempted to change the formula by also adding some features that would allow users to work better on the device. But it was too big. And probably consumers too found the same.

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So with the new 9.7-inch iPad Pro Apple is going back to basics. It has gone back to the size that defined the tablet market. At the same time, the new iPad also gets most of the hardware muscle that Apple added in the bigger iPad Pro. Additionally, you also get some of the features that are from the iPhone 6S. The result is that the iPad Pro 9.7 feels like a device that packs in the best of Apple. But is it enough to make it attractive? After all, we have seen that tablets don’t really fit into the kind of digital lives we lead. May be the new iPad Pro changes it. Let’s find out.

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This one is simple. The iPad Pro 9.7 is the best engineered tablet in the market.  It is drop-dead gorgeous with its sleek metal lines and matte finish. Like other iPads, it is fully crafted out of metal, and its build quality is top class. It is also possibly the slimmest 9.7-inch tablet in the market at 6.1mm and it is super light at 444 grams. It is so light that at times we felt we were using something similar to the iPad Mini, but maybe that was a side-effect of using the larger iPad Pro for months. It is also slimmer than even the iPhone 6S.

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Apple gets the usability aspect right with the iPad Pro 9.7. It has found a middle ground between the wide canvas of the iPad Pro 12.9-inch model and a device like the iPad Mini. But there are a few kinks. The physical keyboard for a product of its size doesn’t work well. Another issue is the camera bump on the iPad Pro, which sticks out like a grotesque pimple on a miss world’s face. It is just a design oddity that you don’t expect from Apple’s products. It is even more apparent on the iPad Pro because the iPad Pro 12.9-inch model didn’t have it. In usage, it isn’t a hassle. The camera bump does not affect the balance of the product and it sits still while laying flat back-first on a table. Overall, the iPad Pro is impressive and yes, it looks very classy in the new Rose Gold colour. Apple isn’t the first company to use this technology as Xiaomi did something similar with the Mi4i smartphone. But the results on Apple’s new tablet are more pronounced.

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The nightshift feature in iOS 9.3 also makes for a nicer reading experience, especially in the evenings. The feature reduces the strain on the user’s eye and this is very handy for people who read lot of stuff on their tablet. The iPad Pro 9.7 supports the Apple Pencil which, can even tilt and is incredibly sensitive. Although artists will like it more, it is easy to appreciate its usefulness. While sketching the Pencil draws patterns with very low latency. Apple has done a great job with the iPad Pro 9.7 display. It is bright, vivid, and sharp. Long story short, it is the nicest LCD display we’ve ever seen in a tablet and that’s an impressive feat considering we are comparing it to the one on the 12.9-inch iPad Pro. The iPad Pro 9.7 model comes with the best camera ever seen in a tablet. Reason? This is the same camera that you get in the iPhone 6S. Now, all users will care for much for a camera on an iPad Pro, but these days there are enough people who do click photos with tablets.

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The 12-megapixel camera on the back of iPad Pro takes great photos in daylight. These images have accurate colours and minimum processing so that they don’t look artificial. It also supports live photos and 4K video, which are great additions. The quality of the videos that we shot with the iPad Pro was top notch and right up there with what you get from phones like the iPhone 6S and the Galaxy S7. Although, there’s no optical stabilisation here, which results in more shake and photos in low-light have lowered sharpness. Even the front camera is the same one as the iPhone 6S.

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This includes a 5-megapixel sensor, which is paired with a retina flash system. All this leads to great selfies, but on a tablet, we believe it will particularly benefit regular users of Skype or FaceTime calls. The size of the iPad Pro also makes it an interesting device to shoot from considering the user also gets a massive viewfinder, which no phone currently has.

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