9 Swine Flu Facts no one Would Tell You

9 Swine Flu Facts no one Would Tell You

Swine Flu is not a dangerous, deadly disease and there is no need to panic if you are suffering from it.

Swine Flu is not a dangerous, deadly disease and there is no need to panic if you are suffering from it. Medical experts say it is just another type of viral influenza and can be easily treated at home. A swine flu patient needs urgent medical care only when he develops secondary complications like lung infection.

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swine flu precautions

1. Its symptoms include-high fever, chills,  body ache. Vomiting and diarrhoea also occur sometimes. These are the symptoms of common flu also, so you might get confused. But if the fever does not go down with normal antipyretics or is back within an hour or two of administering the medicine then you need medical attention.

2. Common medical masks won’t help you against the flu, unless you wear N 95 masks.
3. It is like any other viral and mostly resolves on its own within 7 days and you need not visit a hospital if you are able to manage your fever and not feeling unusually unwell.
4. Do visit a doctor if you experience difficulty in breathing and if your child becomes dull as the flu becomes dangerous when it develops into pneumonia.

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5. You will not catch Swine Flu if your immune system is  not extremely vulnerable and even if you do, it’s just a flu-so don’t worry as the virus is in the air since 2009 and our bodies have more or less adjusted to this strain.
6. Children, elderly, pregnant women, asthmatics and persons with compromised immunity like cancer and heart patients should take extra care wear N-95 mask while moving out, especially in areas you are likely to get an infection.
7. Swine Flu is curable and does not kill if treated on time.

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8. You must not take Tamiflu without the doctor’s recommendation as due to indiscriminate use the virus may develop resistance against the medicine.

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9. It’s not a bad idea to give Tulsi, the good old anti-infective remedy a try during the winter months when viruses of all kinds are doing the rounds. You can also alternately make a concoction of one part camphor powder and one part cardamom powder, tie it in a muslin cloth and keep smelling it through the day. These remedies will not cure you if you already have Swine Flu, but are most likely to help in keeping infection at bay.


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