18 Smart Organizing Ideas for Your Kitchen

18 Smart Organizing Ideas for Your Kitchen

18-smart-organizing-ideas-for-kitchenBig kitchens are a luxury that very little can afford. The best way to organize your kitchen is to utilize the space efficiently and keep it as organized as possible.

Here are the most popular 18 ideas for your kitchen that will make it both smart and easily operational.

Ideas For Your Kitchen

  1. Organize pantry items: Items that you use on a daily basis should be most easy at hand. Items that you use during special cooking should be kept at upper shelves. Keep a look out for expired items and do not keep expired ingredients in your pantry. Items that require being stored in a cool place should be refrigerated.
  2. Use sliding shelves in cabinets so all items are individually accessible.
  3. Setting packing material: Arrange your aluminum foils, cling films, paper parchments, storage boxes, wrappings and paper napkins in one drawer.
  4. Kitchen pegs: Hang those towels, aprons, mittens and pot holders. Hanging kitchen accessories makes them more accessible instead of taking them out from the drawer again and again. Set the pegs near the stove for easy reach. Set aside your stocked up clean towels and apron separately in another drawer.
  5. Keep Liquid Items separate from Dry Items – Keep oils and other greasy items in one cabinet. Similarly, keep all dry items away from the wet items.
  6. Shelf for cook books: Cook books should be given a neat and clean shelf away from the store to protect them from grease and humidity.
  7. Get your self a retractable shelf above your recipe books. This ensures your recipe books are at eye level and the paper wont get damaged while you are cooking.
  8. Arrange your hand whisks, tongs, spatulas, scissors, wooden spoons, cooking turners, and ladles all in a fancy jug near your cooking range.
  9. Organize Cooking Equipment:  Arrange your bake ware in one shelf, big bowls in the other and small bowls in one cabinet. Pots in one cabinet and pans in the other. The pots and pans should be near the stove, preferably in a cabinet under the stove if you have one. Pots close to the range make them easy to access.
  10. Keep pot lids separate from pots in a rack or a drawer.
  11. If you are short of space, hang those pots and pans in your kitchen.
  12. Kitchen appliances require a separate counter with safe electricity wiring.
  13. Crockery and dishes – Items that you use on a regular basis should be placed at a lower level that is easily accessible. Dinner sets and glass sets that you use on special occasions should be kept separate or in the shelves above. Don’t mix your forks with the spoons and keep all your items separately in different compartments of your drawer.
  14. Use drawer dividers to keep cutlery separate from each other.
  15. Use a cutlery holder or cutlery rack for daily use cutlery.
  16. Keep plastic items separate from bone china and other items.
  17. To show your special crockery, use cabinets with glass doors.
  18. Keep a separate basket for snacks and a separate basket for ready to cook foods.

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