Decorate Your Home with Indian Decor Style

Decorate Your Home with Indian Decor Style

Indian Decor StyleJust like fashion and cultural events, home decor style can also be distinguished by their cultural styles. Every country or region has their own specific home decor style which gives us more variations to decorate our homes. Today we are going to tell you about the Indian decor style.

Different countries, different dressing styles, different fashion, different cultural activities, different environment, that is pretty much the rule of the world goes. Every country has its own unique style for almost everything. Same goes for home decor styles. One can easily tell the difference between different home decor styles of different countries.

It is going to be long article if we discuss about as it is a never ending topic but we can discuss different home decor style one by one. Our first stop is Indian style decor as the Indian decor style is much enriched with the treasures of its culture. And that’s the way how it should be. So let us tell you about the Indian decor style so if you ever wanted to decorate your home in Indian style decor then you should have enough info about the Indian decor style.

Indian Decor Style:

It depends on you that you want to decorate your home completely with Indian style decor or just want to give some highlights or hints of the Indian decor but in both the cases you should have info on Indian style decor so let’s start.

  • First of all the Indian style decor is all about the colors and their combinations. If you pay a visit to your Indian friend’s house then you will get the idea what I am talking about. You will find their homes colorful and enchanting and colors do most of the work when it comes to Indian decor.
  • Colors are always a combination of light and dark complementing each other in Indian style decor. But do make sure to use those colors which make your room look brighter and bigger. So it means a lot of light reflecting light colors while the dark ones complementing the light ones.
  • The commonly used colors in Indian style decor are red and gold. So you might want to consider including these two colors as well.
  • After the colors comes the wall art. Wall art can either be colorful paintings of beautiful sceneries or pictures of gods they follow in Indian decor. In almost every Indian home related to Hindu religion, you will find paintings, pictures, sculptures, statues or any other wall art of their gods. It is a part of their cultural and religious heritage. Coming back to the paintings or beautiful wall decoration pieces, it is usually observed that in Indian style decor paintings and other wall art also complements each other.
  • Furniture is another major part of the Indian style decor. You may find beautiful wood furniture with the most elegant handicraft designs which depicts their cultural heritage and you will also notice a swing as main attraction of the furniture used for Indian style decor.
  • When it comes to decorative art it can be either metal preferably silver or brass, wood and ceramic art. For the statues ceramic art is preferred. Wood comes on number 2 position. However it about room decorations, decorative pieces of wood or metal are considered and the utensils of stainless steel are used commonly for normal day usage and for decorative purpose.
  • Heavy wooden doors of classic era are mostly used in mansion style houses in India as doors and windows designs also play a key role in Indian style decor. If one is using a classic style door then obviously windows will be of the same kind.
  • Sometimes in the living room it is observed that some people do not use sofas instead they use cushions well complemented by the rugs as a part of Indian style decor.
  •  Now the rugs are in Indian style décor as well. Rugs or carpets are commonly used in Indian homes and people usually prefer handmade as it not only depicts their culture but also lasts longer than any machine made product.
  • Last but not the least would like to add one more thing. The patterns and textures have to be rich as well as usually the Indian decor is style is very much colorful. The textures and patterns usually catch your eye along with the colors used alongside them.

This was some of the info about Indian style decor which we shared about you. It can go even longer as cultural info like these can go on forever. I do hope that you will put this info to some practical use and give you house a brand new look.

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