Give Your Home A 'Rustic' Makeover

Give Your Home A 'Rustic' Makeover

Give Your Home A Rustic MakeoverFashion or home décor, simple and elegant styles are always loved by mostly everyone and it would become more great if it less expensive. Rustic home décor or shall I say the basic ‘up country’ style in which you can transform your home in something simple by using some smart tricks and ideas without spending too much money on it.

Now don’t fall into deep thoughts about how to give your home a rustic makeover. Let me give you the ideas, tips, techniques and smart tricks so don’t be confused just keep on reading for rustic makeover ideas for your home.

Rustic Basics and a List:

Following the nature and decorating your house with a modern touch always start with the basics. Before you even start, your home may have some of the basic rustic makeover features like ceiling fans, exposed beams, natural wood paneling or unfinished wooden stair rails. They all carry those rustic elements so all you need to do is to add a little more details. You also need to consider the change that you are going to give to your home by either adding or removing some of your possessions. So it would be better to start off with going through your possessions and making a list of things which will come in handy for sorting them out for further use or their removal.

Rustic Entryways:

You can give your entryways, porch and doors a rustic makeover by door art, wreathes or yard flags, the typical rustic touch that is. You can add a bit more personality to the entryway by putting rocks and vines in decorative vases or on the porch rails. That would do the trick.

Walls Colors:

Now comes the part where rustic touch is applied to the walls. Choosing one color for the walls most preferably light colors such as cream or white will give your walls a look you were looking for your rustic home décor.

Wood and Stone Surfaces:

The main key for creating a rustic look is to have surf

aces made up of natural material like wood or stones. Walls made up of wood paneling and floors being made up of wood, unpolished granite or slate are the things which will give a rustic look country look to your home. Adding a rough stone fireplace with wooden plan mantels will add more beauty in your rustic home décor.


Furnishing with the rustic touch means wood furniture all the way because wood furniture is the key to rustic design. Prefer pieces with natural, worn out and sanded finishes, casual or open grain wood such oak or pine. Go for a medium to dark wood for the bed which should be a heavy one too.

Natural Light:

Natural light is another very important feature for giving a rustic makeover to your home. Larger windows or a skylight all is good than those heavy artificial light sources. Just bring the maximum amount of natural light into your house.


Simple and dark wooden table in your kitchen will definitely give a rustic touch to it. A flower or a bowl of fresh fruits placed on the middle of the table will add the rustic character. The basic idea is to bring most of the things a lot closer to nature.

Cushions and Throws:

A little bit of comfortable floor seating like kilims with flowered or multi colored throws on it or on the sofa gives you a nice satisfying and comfy look.


Accessories like terra cotta items would be a good choice to add to your house for giving it rustic makeover. Along with that antique stuff, old clocks or wooden artifacts will add more rustic beauty to your house. Depending on theme add some wooden lamps to compliment the look you want to have. Do keep in mind that accessories should go well with your furniture so when go out buying them keep your furniture in mind.

Well that’s it for rustic home decor and the ideas for giving your home a rustic makeover. Hope you enjoyed reading them but this does not mean you follow by the book and can’t experiment your own ideas. Do put your own ideas into practice as it would do much better and will give your home a nice unique look with a rustic touch.


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