What Does Your Kitchen Décor Say About You?

What Does Your Kitchen Décor Say About You?

Cleaning and showcasing your personality has never been this colorful. By utilizing these tips you can easily impress your guests and get a little peace of mind yourself. So use these tips and impress your guests like never before! With the vast array of color matching, machine and beautification options, there are limitless ways to give off a first impression by way of your kitchen After seeing this, you may be wondering what your kitchen says about you and your lifestyle.

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However, don’t worry as we are here to help you change your persona via revamping your kitchen. We have put down a list of things you can do to express a different side of your personality and amaze your guests and family members.

Light Greens & Blues:

Light Greens and Blue Kitchen

Decorating your kitchen with blues and greens tells others that you have a relaxed and tranquil disposition. From light blue pans to green dish towels to an aqua and green tile backsplash, your guests will feel at ease when they step into your kitchen.

Bold & Eye Catching Colors:

Bold & Eye Catching Kitchen

Using bold and vibrant colors such as red, purple, gold etc tells your guests that you are creative and outgoing person. Shimmery pots, colorful dish towels and bold backs plash all come together to add and showcase your spunky and daring side.

Black & White:

black & white kitchen designs

If you are looking to give off a sophisticated, confident and elegant look, then you can do no wrong by opting for the black and white approach. Black pots and pans, black kitchen countertop and white cupboards with polka dotted dish towels show your cosmopolitan and modish side.

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Minimalist & Neutralized:

Minimalist Kitchen

A neat, organized look is shown by choosing ergonomic and streamlined kitchen appliances matched together by a back splash with a neutral palette. It shows that you value efficiency, dislike clutter and like to get things done on time and that you prioritize things.

Home-Sweet-Home Cozy:

Sweet Home Kitchen

To showcase the homemaker side of your personality, you should opt for dish towels showing knitted animals, cast iron pans, frit patterned wallpapers and comfortable cushioned chairs. All this shows that you are a happy-go-lucky person with a nurturing and caring personality and want your guests to be happy and well fed.

Ethnic Inspired Palette:

Ethnic Inspired Kitchen

Using Spanish style decorations with teal blue, khaki and yellow kitchen towels shows that you are a cultured and inspired human being. Choose tiles and colors accordingly to show your love of immersing yourself in other cultures.

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Messy & Disorderly:

Messy & Disorderly Kitchen

If your kitchen is in a mess with the unwashed dishes piling up everywhere and dirty pots on the stove, crumbs and papers on the counter, it shows others that you have very little time to relax as you live a very hectic and tiring lifestyle. Set aside thirty minutes to put your kitchen in order. Quickly throw the pots and dishes in to the dishwasher and clean the counter tops with a damp cloth. This will immediately make you relaxed and when guests come over, they will also be in for a little surprise!

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