7 Things Men Will Never Get About Beauty

7 Things Men Will Never Get About Beauty

7 things Men will never get about BeautyBeauty is in the brain of the beholder. Whenever you visit any museum, you will see men and women admiring the beauty of the paintings or sculptures. Researchers have found out that men process beauty on the right side of the brain whereas women process beauty on the left side.

Based on the result of this research mentioned above, there are seven things that men will never get about beauty:

Nail Polish Maintenance

Women get weekly nail polish maintenance. Sometimes they treat their nails like their babies because they take special care for it. Men never get their nails manicured but still there nails look clean and acceptable. Most men are of the opinion that nails without nail polish look way better than dyed nails in peacock colors.

Disguising Beauty Marks

Not every woman has a perfect Nivea soft skin but women should accept this fact that men are aware of this secret and there is no point in hiding it with tons of different liquids. Human beings are not made perfect and if women are not okay with their skin problems, how can their men deal with it? Another confession that mostly men would like to make is that liquids like base makes their skin problems more prominent.

All-Over Moisturizing

Women’s dressing table is crowded with over twenty different types of moisturizing lotions for different parts of their body. What is the point of having too many moisturizers when they all have the same effect on your skin?

The Matching Manipedi

Women are crazy about their nail polish and its perfection. They make sure that their toe nail polish match with the thumb nail polish. If accidently there nail polish scratch off from their nails, they make sure that they remove it and then put it on again. Trust me all the ladies out there, men do not even notice it.

Cool bangs

Bangs make women look like anime characters and they should also know this fact that men hate bangs. When it comes to women, they have a very typical choice. Straight equal length hair would do the job when it comes to impressing their men.

Party prep time

Men can look amazing in sweats then why not women. It takes women three times longer to get ready then men.

The Unending Desire for Clothes

Women are high fashion conscious. They live clothes, they drink clothes and they eat clothes. No matter if there wardrobe is flooded with jewelry and latest trendy clothes, they always want more.

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