Top 5 Cave Destinations in India

Top 5 Cave Destinations in India

Top 5 Cave Destinations in IndiaCaves are considered to be human being first living place. There is a close relationship between them caves and human. In the early centuries caves were use by humans for living. After few decades passed,  when human start to focusing on stone and bricks houses, caves  were start used for catching pray or doing religions activities.

Caves are symbol of early human living, they showed how they lived, what they wear, eat and special thing about caves is that they represent the culture of those people by paintings, which they have done on caves walls.

India is also one of the countries that are rich in cultural heritage. There are lots of caves in India where you can experience the truth of early human. They’re to be found right from corner to corner the country and from side to side. There are many tourists and searcher who love caves and want to know about them. There are very famous caves across different parts in India. People also visit these caves destinations to experience the live through adventure and mystery.

Here are Top 5 visited Caves of India:

Ajanta and Ellora Caves:

Ajanta and Ellora Caves

No doubt there are alots of other caves which are full of mystery in India, but Ajanta and Ellora caves are extra popular and broadly recognized caves. The Ajanta Ellora caves are engraved into hillside rock to a certain extent in the middle of nowhere, in northern Maharastra. The caves at Ajanta are all Buddhist, while the caves at Ellora are a mixture of Buddhist, Hindu and Jain. These caves are purely dreaded inspirational. The beauty of these caves can’t be described in words, they are so wonderful. There are 34 caves at Ellora and 29 caves at Ajanta dating from between the 6th and 11th centuries AD and the 2nd century BC and 6th century AD.

Elephanta Island Caves:

Elephanta Island Caves

The Elephanta Island caves are just near the Mumbai coast and best place to visit in. They’re 2nd most famous place among tourist to visit and also a piece of attraction too. There are 7 prehistoric caves hand engraved out of rock. They are at smaller scale from Ajanta and Ellora caves, but on a smaller scale. Dating of these caves is between 450 and 750 AD. The main cave has a number of eye-catching portrays of Hindu god of creation and destruction, Lord Shiva.

Badami Caves:

Badami Caves

These striking cave sanctuary are the draw attention at Badami, in northern Karnataka. The all four temples open daily from crack of dawn till twilight. 1 cave is devoted to Lord Shiva, 2 to Lord Vishnu, and smaller one is a Jain cave temple. They neglect the 5th century Agastyatirtha Tank and the waterside Bhutanatha Temples, which add to their appeal.

Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves:

Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves

The outer edge of Bhubaneshwar, is best place in Orissa and admirable place to explore caves. Udayagiri (Sunrise Hill) has the most appealing caves, and if you want to see real beauty than do get up early and visit them for. You’ll find out many lavishly engraved caves, occupied by Jain asthetics. They include the Tiger Cave and enlightening Queen’s Palace Cave. 530

Tabo Caves:

Tabo Caves

Tabo caves are best placing in India to visit pinnacle Buddhist monasteries in India. Situated in the Spiti Valley, in high altitude Himachal Pradesh, the rocky edge above the town is covered with caves. These caves are enamors in number, large, medium and small, all excavated into the mountain by hand.

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