Best Yoga Poses for Your Trouble Spots

Best Yoga Poses for Your Trouble Spots

High Lunge

High Lunge yoga PoseSay ommmm if you love yoga! Anecdotal evidence and research suggest this ancient fitness practice has endless health benefits, from boosting heart health to alleviating anxiety. And yes, getting bendy can make you slimmer and more beautiful too. Yoga burns calories, battles cellulite, and may make you look and feel younger. No time to get to class? No problem! Click through for some of the best moves for every body part now.

Upper Arms

Upper Arms Yoga PoseHow to do it: Chant “bye-bye batwings”! Begin on your hands and knees, then lower your elbows to the floor, shoulder-distance apart. Interlace fingers, tuck your toes, and press hips up to create a long line between elbows and sitting bones (aka your butt). Slowly squeeze your upper arms inward to work biceps, triceps, and shoulders. Breathe and repeat.


Legs Yoga PoseHow to do it: Begin on hands and knees. Take a big breath out and push into Downward Dog by straightening legs and lifting your hips and butt in the air. Relax head between straightened arms. Exhale and lift one leg as high as you can into the air, flexing foot. Repeat on other side.


Hips Yoga PoseHow to do it: This move looks relaxing but is one of the toughest hip strengtheners and openers. Start on your hands and knees, and slide your right leg back to cross over your left leg. Gradually sit back between your heels, using a rolled up towel or block if you can’t sit on the ground. Hold as long as you feel comfortable, then switch legs and repeat.

Your Chest

Chest Yoga PoseHow to do it: Thin of this move as the top half of a push-up: Start with your hands and knees on a mat, hands directly under shoulders and knees right below hips (if this is hard on your wrists lower your arms and rest on elbows). Lift up and straighten legs. Tighten your abs and keep your eyes on one spot in front of you.

Source: health

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