Bikram Yoga Art

Bikram Yoga Art

Bikram YogaMany of us are reluctant to head towards gym for different reasons. This scenario introduces us to a new way to lose weight and look healthier, bikram yoga also called hot yoga helps people to not only lose weight but also give shape to their bodies. Bikram yoga is very efficient way to lose weight.

Weight never feels good, be it weight of meeting deadline, weight of managing finances or in worst case, weight of your bulky body. In such times when eating junk is food of day and presenting excuses of having no time for exercise, weight gain becomes ever so evident. Many of us hate working out but yet have a desire to lose extra pounds. Now, there is no need to rush to gym to carry out conventional and somewhat boring exercises, we have a substitute for you, “bikram yoga “. It is type of yoga which is carried out in room with high temperature and at times the temperature of room where yoga is being carried out can rise to as high as 105F°.

Now that’s hot! That’s why bikram yoga is also called hot yoga.Bikram yoga is the idea of bikram Chaudry, who attests that heat makes body supple and flexible. Bikram yoga is basically a series of twenty six yoga postures along with two breathing exercises, all carried out in extremely hot temperature. Best thing about Bikram yoga is that it increases the flexibility of body and help flushing toxins out of a body. Bikram yoga not only helps losing weight but also increases stamina and body endurance.

1)     What you may achieve :

One could ask what I may achieve in return of rigorous and intense exercise. So, the benefits of bikram yoga are countless .High temperature helps sweating heavily, which result in detoxifying the body. Postures carried out in bikram yoga elevate the heart rate which benefits the circulatory system. Exercises carried out bikram yoga also help thinning of the blood. White blood cells are increased which results in weight loss, due to the fact that warmed muscles can burn fats more efficiently. Weight loss is not only benefit of bikram yoga; in addition to that high level of heat ensures mental strength and stronger will power, which may prove essential ingredients to lose weight.

2)    Effort required :

As they say, “to gain something, one has to lose something “, so yeah, to carry out bikram yoga you will have to say goodbye to laziness and put serious effort in order to hold any chance of losing weight and living a healthy life. At least ten bikram yoga sessions per month are advised to benefit maximum. In other words, one has to attend three or more sessions of Bikram yoga per week. According to bikram advocates, you need at least thirteen sessions to enjoy maximum benefits from this practice. Try to carry out Bikram yoga’s postures as properly as possible.

3)    Bikram yoga eats your calories :

Bikram yoga is considered as top calories burning activity available to all fitness levels. It is believed that 90 minutes session of bikram yoga can burn 1660 calories. Although, this caloric gradient depends on how properly you carry out postures and amount of effort you put into it.

4)    Helps in lymph system:

Sluggish lymphatic issues generally cause most weight related issues. The rooms where bikram yoga classes are carried out are heated through infrared, affecting positively on lymph system which results in improved ability to lose weight. Because of heavy sweating, one feels an urge to consume more water and if added with twist of lemon can help to replace fluids and electrolytes lost during sweating. This helps in improving lymph effectiveness

5)    Things to watch out :

Since Bikram yoga is carried out at high temperature, so people who have heat regulating issues should not practice bikram yoga. Diets rich in antioxidants, potassium and electrolytes must be consumed in a systemic balance to ensure maximum weight loss. During the Bikram yoga heavy sweating can cause dehydration therefore it is highly advisable to consume more liquid and utmost care must be given to diet, otherwise. Bikram yoga could have negative impact on a body.

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