Yoga Back Pain: Yoga Workouts to Relieve Back

Yoga Back Pain: Yoga Workouts to Relieve Back

Yoga WorkoutsBack bone pain is a common problem of modern age. Our luxurious life style and the facilities reduce the physical workouts from our lives which cause such kind of health problems in human life. With some yoga exercises you can manage or get relive from back bone problem.

A common problem of modern age from which almost every human being suffers in his life is back pain problem. It is crucial to take it seriously on its early stages to manage it.Previously it was considered as the age related problem. It was the sign of aging but know people don’t get surprise when they found teens with back bone problems.

Our luxury life style and daily life comforts have gifted us with many health problems like back bone pain and complexities of back bone muscles. Medications are good in the treatment of back bone but it would be more worth giving if you adopt some kind of workouts to fix your backbone pain. In collaboration with medicine and exercise you can attain a better relieve from back bone pain.

Significance of Yoga Exercises

Yoga workouts are really worth giving in pain related issues. There are many exercises of yoga to give you relief from your back bone pain. Following are some exercises to facilitate your back bone pain management plan.

1.    Forward Bend

  • Stand up straight, bend your knees and release your trunk over your legs, your belly touches your thighs get close as you can.
  • After that make two fists and place them in the opposite elbow folds. Relax your, neck, back and head, and squeeze fists carefully.
  • Now fists bent your elbows together, your central nervous system trigger what causes your back muscles to open, you’ll feel it after just a few breaths and may feel a stretch on back.
  • Take 10 breaths here, this posture will release more tension from the back with your every exhale.

2.    Wall Plank Posture

  • Stand facingin front of wall at arm’s length. Plant your hands on the wall with down face toward carpet. It will be a bending position.
  • Now firm your fingers into the wall and draw your navel back as you are going to lengthen the tailbone towards the floor. Lift your ribs from the pelvic.
  • Try to pull out the wall under your hands, it will give a stretch to your spine and its muscles get stretch.
  • Stay in the position for while and lose your stretched muscles, than repeat it, you can do this for 3-5min in a day.

3.    Downward facing Dog

This is the exercise if you done it well you may find a true relief from the back pain; this is very worth giving exercise.

  •  Stand up straight, bent toward the floor with straight arms, place your hands on the floor.
  • This is an arch position; this will pressurize the shoulder joints, ribs, back and thigh muscles.
  • With arch position stay as long as you can, have 4-5 sets of this position in a day to relieve from back pain.

4.    Yoga Child Pose

  • Roll over and take Child’s yoga pose for one minute or more as you can.
  • For this keep knees wide, your big toes closer, end with knees together for a neutral back stretch. Remember if your head doesn’t touch the floor; place a yoga block under your forehead to relax completely.
  • In this position breathe slowly into your back body; expanding more nourishing energy and space on the inhale and exhales.

5.    Back traction yoga pose

  • Lie on a carpet on your back
  • Have yoga block and place it under your hip
  • Bend your thighs toward your trunk, arms stretched outside
  • Stay in this position for one minutes, this will definitely relive you from your back pain.

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