Second Hand Husband Movie Reviews

Second Hand Husband Movie Reviews

Smeep Kang directorial, Second Hand Husband, marks the acting debut of Govinda’s daughter, Tina Ahuja and also the Bollywood debut of Punjabi actor-singer, Gippy Grewal.

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The romantic comedy also stars Dharmendra, Rati Agnihotri and Geeta Basra in pivotal roles. I just caught the press show of the film and here’s what I think of it…

Second Hand Husband

The story revolves around Rajbir (Gippy Grewal) who is in love with his lawyer and friend, Gurpreet (Tina Ahuja). The two are set to get married but there’s one hitch… Rajbir’s ex-wife, Neha (Geeta Basra) who is having a great time spending Rajbir’s money that she gets as alimony.

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In order to avoid paying that huge chunk of money every month, Gurpreet advices Rajbir to get Neha married to someone else. And so Mission Dulha begins and a prime candidate for Neha is Ajit (Dharmendra), a big shot who was caught cheating his wife and is about to get divorced now. How everybody’s messed up life is finally untangled is what the film is all about. 

Second Hand Husband

For some reason, I expected the film with very low expectations and the first 20 mins kind of confirmed my doubts. But once we were past establishing all the characters, the film picked up some pace and turned out to be a good slapstick one. To start with we have the star of the film, Dharmendra. Of course he’s a great actor, no news there, but his awesome comic timing will leave you in splits everytime he opens his mouth. And Vijay Raaz is one person who can manage to tickle all your funny bones with the most intense of expressions.

Second Hand Husband Romance

As for Gippy, I wouldn’t say his comic stint was great but he was so convincing as Rajbir that at one point I started rooting for his foolishness (like the time he gets this divorced man to Neha without telling him that he was being taken as marriage proposal for Rajbir’s ex-wife…

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You’ve got to be really desparate to do such things). But the highest point of the film was cricketer Harbajan Singh’s cameo which received a lot of claps and whistles. A surprise, I wasn’t expecting.

Second Hand Husband Songs

The only thing that was better than Dharmendra in the film was its music. Be it the Punjabi dance numbers or the soft romantic tracks, they are all really nice and I’m going to download them the moment I’m done with the review. 

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Though it was marketed as Tina Ahuja’s debut film, the actress barely had some screen time, which by the way was a good thing. The actress seemed to be trying really hard to fit her character but was not very successful. Her bubbly act seemed very forced or maybe it was just camera consciousness, this being her first time.

Second Hand Husband

As for Geeta Basra, she remained expressionless for the most part but looked really pretty as a Punjabi kudi. Then there were certain parts that seemed to drag, especially at the beginning when they are trying to establish all the characters. Again there some absolutely unwanted characters that like Rati Agnihotri’s brother and sister-in-law.

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They seemed to be there just to throw a few one-liners in. But since the one-liners were good, I’m not complaining too much. I wouldn’t say it was a great film, but the effort was not wasted altogether. If you like clean, slapstick comedies, like me, you’ll probably enjoy it. But if you go in looking for logic and intelligent comedy, you’d be left disappointed.


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