MAGMA VOL I & II St+art Mumbai Festival – First Ever Street art Exhibition

MAGMA VOL I & II St+art Mumbai Festival – First Ever Street art Exhibition

Magma Vol I & Vol II invites the public to participate in a wider process, reimagine old buildings for new uses and to consider what else can be achieved through art in private and public spaces. The artists are offering their souls and their experiences.

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Akshat Nauriyal Thanish Thomas  Arjun Bahl Giulia Ambrogi Hani

Acting in both ways: to give art to people who would never step into a gallery and turn the gallery-established crowd onto what’s going on in the streets. Magma Vol I – St. Jude Bakery, Bandra (W): the hotbed of these artists who have sharply brought the streets into this indoor space.

Bhawna Sharma

Magma Vol II – Upadrashtha House, Kala Ghoda: the rarefied culmination of magma flow from the massive city wall-canvases to the hub of contemporary art in Mumbai. Curator, Giulia Ambrogi, says, ‘Street art is a global movement which is now making its foray into India. And with St+art Mumbai these globe-trotting artists now come to connect with the Indian movement. 

Ram Raheja Director S.Raheja Realty

It will be great to see the two different approaches of this artform in St. Jude Bakery and, Kala Ghoda in the form of the first ever street art exhibition in India called Magma.’ A mixture beneath the surface of the Earth, capable of intrusion into adjacent rocks and extrusion onto the surface.

Vikram Handa and Tarini Jindal

A substance loaded by organic diversity which creates a homogeneous flow. Street Art flares up changing the mantle of our environment, [contentblock id=2 img=adsense.png] rising toward its surface from a very underground source. Small interventions arouse the rocky buildings, massive murals engrave the skin of the city.

Ankur Tewari and Prarthna Singh

Street Art Magma is less dense than the imposed structures we live in, it is a free expression by the artists’ creative spirit, it is an alternative to the homogenisation of labels. This global family of urban drifters treks into the lithosphere and leave their mark, activating previously moribund spaces with art, capturing the Zeitgeist and their own identity in it.

Riyaaz Amlani

Street Art is the first global art movement developed underground in the 70’s and its erupting all over the world. But it is too easy to be confined by reductive labels as “Street Art”, magma burns, constant, irrepressible, free. So, do not force yourself to find explicit similarities with this art.

Geetu Hinduja

The term “Street Art” denotes the compactness of the most creative flow amongst the contemporary art scene. “Street Art” after all, means nothing but to look at the complexities and the various facets of the artists’ work. Yet these two words, street and art are crucial.

Mathieu Gugumus

They trigger the short circuit between the inside world (art) and outside world (street). They give a context to the prolific, pure and far-from-art systematic production of all these volcanic artists.

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The artworks themselves, the different approach of the artists to the two venues will open the interpretation and the double, triple and quadruple meaning of each work.

Beenu Bawa

The backbone of this initiative is a non-profit organization called the St+art India Foundation, who will work together with Central & State Governments as-well as International bodies to build and encourage artists from our country. One of the core aspects of the festival will be to spread awareness, educate and act as a platform for artists, both Indian and International, to exchange their ideas, cultures, experiences and styles of street art that lead to a positive change.

Krshna Mehta

The festival will take place from the 7th – 30th of November 2014 at various locations in Bandra, Dharavi, Kala Ghoda and Versova and will also be featured as a part of the Street Art Project by Google. The MAGMA exhibitions will be open to visit till the 14th& 15th of December respectively.

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