Madhuri Dixit: No Plans to Work with Shahrukh Khan as of Now

Madhuri Dixit: No Plans to Work with Shahrukh Khan as of Now

Madhuri Dixit-Nene made a comeback of sorts with Dedh Ishqiya and received rave reviews from the masses for her performances. Now she is all set for her next film, Gulaab Gang, which also stars Juhi Chawla. We caught up with Madhuri Dixit recently and here is what she had to say… Dedh Ishqiya received rave reviews from the masses and critics alike. Now, you are all set for another women centric film, Gulaab Gang. Madhuri Dixit No Plans Work Tell us about your experience while shooting for the film Physically it was very challenging There are many action sequences in the film which will make you go wow. To achieve all that, of course there were a lot of sweat, blood and bruises to go with it. But frankly, it was all worth it and I absolutely enjoyed it We have seen the trailers and your character, Rajjo in the film seems to be similar to your character in Lajja and Mrityudand… Well, in Lajja and Mrityudand, I played the victim, who takes a stand in the end. While in Gulaab Gang, my character is not that of a victim, but of a crusader. Rajjo is empowered and wants to fight for social injustice, not only for women, but also for men.

In the Film We Are Seeing Women Struggling in Their Life, Did you also Had to Struggle in Real Life to Reach Where you are Today?

Frankly, I never thought of becoming an actor, so I didn’t had to struggle to be an actor. My debut film, Abodh just walked into my house. And my parent’s didn’t want me to get into acting, but then people told us to meet the producers. So went to the office and met Barjatya ji and Raj Babu, and they were so genuine, that my parents told me ki ek film kar lo. So that’s how I entered the movies. It was a different journey for me. The struggle was to prove myself and to do best everytime, so that was the only struggle I had to face.

Do you Think Women Have a Bigger Role in The Industry as Compared to Earlier Times?

Of course. There was a time in films when I never saw a female assistant director, camera person or make-up person. There were very few women directors who you could count on your fingers. Now there are so many women working in different aspects of filmmaking. There are talented women directors like Zoya Akhtar and Reema Kagti. The sensibilities are changing.

There is a Myth that Bollywood Heroines have a Short Shelf-life or they can’t get work Post Marriage, But you Have Managed to Change That. How Does that Feel?

Age is just a number according to me, talent is the same whether you are 10, 20 or 100. I think it gets better with age. I also don’t believe in the myth about married actresses. I think it is crazy. Sharmila Tagore worked after marriage, Rakhiji worked after marriage… Yes, some of them quit but that was their own decision. There were so many who did work. There are no hard and fast rules.

Juhi Chawla, your co-star in Gulaab Gang will be playing a Negative Role in the Film. And it’s quite unusual as we have Never Seen Shades of grey in any of her Characters in her films. Are you also open to playing negative roles?

Well, it depends on what kind of negative role it is. I want to play different roles. So yes, if there is something challenging, I would love to do it.

You and Shahrukh Khan Performed Together Recently at the Temptations Reloaded Tour in Malaysia. Are you Both Planning to Come Together on the Silver Screen yet again?

Not as of now.

Not Even in the Future?

Let’s see. Kal kisne dekha hai.

We Have Always Seen How Two Competing Heroines Can’t be Friends. What is your Take on That?

See I can’t really comment on this because personally I am not friends with most of the people. That is also because we didn’t had time to socialize because we had a choc-a-bloc schedule. So yes, I never had time to create friendships with anyone. Having said that I really respect all the people. Today if I meet anyone, say if I meet Anil (Kapoor), Aamir (Khan) or Shahrukh (Khan), that respect and fondness is there. And that’s the way it is When compared to earlier times, the competition has increased a lot today… Competition is a very harsh word. Because everyone is doing what they do best. And it’s not like that only one person can dominate. If that would have been the case, we wouldn’t have seen Madhubalaji, Meena ji and Nargis ji working side by side and shining at the same time.

You are Known as the Dancing Queen. Who According to You is the Dancing Queen of Today’s Times?

A lot of them. There is Katrina (Kaif), Priyanka (Chopra), Deepika (Padukone) among others. Deepika, specially danced really well in Nagade Sang Dhol song. I was impressed by Anushka (Sharma) in Band Baaja Baarat. Parineeti’s (Chopra) acting skills are really good. We have so much talent today.

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