Sonam Kapoor: Wearing a Bikini is Not at All a Big Deal for Me!

Sonam Kapoor: Wearing a Bikini is Not at All a Big Deal for Me!

Sonam Kapoor is all up and about with her latest release with Yash Raj films, Bewakoofiyaan. We met her at the YRF studios and spoke to her about all sorts of Bewakoofiyaas in her life. Read on to know…

Sonam Kapoor Wearing Bikini
Sonam Kapoor Wearing Bikini

If You Have a Real Life Boyfriend Like Ayushman Khurrana’s Character Mohit Chaddha from Bewakoofiyaan Who is Jobless, Would You Prefer Marrying Him?

Yes, I would marry him. I would actually consider myself the luckiest girl on the planet. I don’t like very hi-fi guys. Ayushmann jokingly keeps on saying, “Agar aap garib hai, toh aap Sonam ke karib hai.” I like the struggler types. I look for the fact whether the guy has a lot of potential or not. If his potential is evident to me and he seems to be a good guy, I would then, not see his bank balance or his family background or his religion or caste or creed. I am extremely idealistic and extremely impractical in life, which might not be a good trait in a person, but these qualities have kept me in high stead.

A Couple of Years Back People Were Calling Sonam Kapoor Just a Pretty Face and with Recent Hits Like Bhaag Milkha Bhaag and Raanjhanaa, Those Very Qualities are Being Appreciated in you. What Do You Have to Say about Such Changing Perceptions about You in the Audience?

Let me assure you the perceptions are once again going to change after my next film. To be honest after Saawariya and Delhi 6 people had already started calling me an actor. By the time I did Aisha and I Hate Luv Storys they started telling me that I was looking believable in the characters that I play. The later films that I did, didn’t do well commercially and thus people started calling me just a pretty face. With Ranjhanaa and Bhaag Milkha Bhaag people saw me acting well and also the films were successful. So once again people started liking my acting. I know for a fact that even after Bewakoofiyaan people’s perception would change. Bewakoofiyaan is an easy romantic film and thus people would once again say that I am not doing a lot of acting and am just a pretty face.

How Do You See The Film Industry Changing Its Perception Towards Female Characters?

Fortunately for me, I have always chosen such characters. I feel that actors are in a position of power, and if they chose to do such films, they can start a trend. I appreciate other leading ladies who chose to do roles which have a meatier role for the female character. Actually, I am very greedy. I mean, if other leading ladies keep doing such roles, I would also get offered such roles. Wink!

You Have Worked With Female Directors Before as Well. Do You Find a Difference Working With Female Directors and Male Directors?

One of the advantages of working with a female director is that, I was going to do a bikini scene and I was sure that it would be shot aesthetically (laughs). On a serious note, I don’t find any difference between a male and a female director. At the end it comes down to fact that whether you are competent enough or not. I have worked before with a female director with whom I didn’t get along very well. Also there has been a male director who I didn’t get along very well during the shoots. But that doesn’t make the whole lot bad. I fell at the end it comes down to point as to whether you connect with the director or not. I am a complete feminist but I also believe in competence. Women have a slightly higher emotional quotient than men. Thus, emotionally female directors add a bit more of depth to the character and their sense of aesthetics and space allocation is incredible. Ayushmann always keeps on saying that a female director is better at multitasking, which is actually very true.

Did You Find Any Similarity Between Rishi Kapoor’s Character and Our Real Life Father, Anil Kapoor?

Not at all! My dad is very chilled out and doesn’t ever put any stress on me. He has no qualms like I should get married early and all. For my dad, the most important thing is my career. He wants me to be successful, be a better actor and do better films. Coming to relationships, he is very chilled out. He is happier about my career and my work, and gives the least of time to thinking whom I am going to get married to.

Tell us About The Bikini Scene…

Wearing the bikini was my idea. Nupur Asthana, the director, told me that there is a scene where the girl goes for a vacation with her boyfriend and there she needs to wear a swimsuit. She asked me to wear a burkini and then later on a tankini all of which I was completely against. I told her that I have a tiny waist and asked her to show off my stomach and thus we finally agreed to go with a bikini.

There Was a Big Fuss on Social Media About You Wearing a Bikini. How Did You React To It?

I don’t know what this fuss all about. Wearing a bikini is not a big deal! Earlier I did not wear a bikini as my body was not that perfect for it. Now I do have a great body and I don’t mind flaunting it. Earlier, I had a saggy bum and my body was not ready for a bikini. To be very honest, I did not do the bikini scene to titillate anyone but to prove to myself that I can do it because as a former fat girl, it is a great high to know that you can pull of a scene wearing a bikini. It was a big challenge for me and I am happy that I could do it successfully; else people would not be talking about it.

Tell us What Bewakoofiyaans Did Ayushmann Do off The Camera While Shooting for the Film?

Ayushmann Khurrana can’t go near an instrument without playing it. You must have had seen him before grabbing the guitar at every possible opportunity. During the shooting schedule in Ranthambore, we were having a lot of troubles as they were not allowing us to shoot as the foreigners were getting disturbed. None of the foreigners even bothered that there was a shoot happening and there were some stars there. They all just wanted to sleep. Somehow I coaxed the management to allow us to shoot for 45 minutes as there were just a few shots left.

They agreed but asked us to maintain pin drop silence. So there was a shot where Ayushmann was to pseudo play the dhol and he just couldn’t stand back without playing it. He was just pseudo playing and from somewhere we hear a dhoom-dham-dhoom of the dhol. We all were like ‘Oh Shit’ and the management guys ran in and cancelled the full shoot. They said, “forget about 45 minutes, we are not giving you even five minutes.” Again I had to go ahead and beg and plead them for allowing us to shoot and finally they allowed. So you would see all those scenes in Gulcharrey were both of us danced without any music. It was actually very funny.

What Other Films Do You Have Post Bewakoofiyaan?

I have Dolly Ki Doli coming up where I have been paired opposite some great actors like Pulkit Samrat, Rajkummar Rao and Varun Sharma. Then I also am shooting for Khoobsurat. Both these films are fun filled and I am having a great time shooting them.: _ bollywoodlife

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