“Twinkle’s Sense of Humour Makes Our Marriage Very Strong: Akshay Kumar

“Twinkle’s Sense of Humour Makes Our Marriage Very Strong: Akshay Kumar

You said at the Filmfare Glamour and Style Awards that you owe your style to your wife. How involved is she in what you wear?

She takes exactly three seconds for that. She looks at my wardrobe and says, ‘Ye pehen lo’. That’s it!

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What’s your preferred shopping destination?

Whenever I go out of country for a shoot, we pick up clothes from there. It’s not like we pack our bags and decide to go to Italy for shopping. I don’t have any favourite shopping destination. And Twinkle takes exactly three seconds in a shop to choose clothes.

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Does twinkle’s sense of humour contribute to making your marriage stronger?

Yes, it makes our relationship very strong. She has an amazing sense of humour that’s where our marriage draws strength. Hamara mushkil samay bhi hanste-khelte nikal jata hai (Even the difficult times pass with laughter and joy). Have you heard the song, Haste haste kat jaye raste, zindagi yun hi chalti rahe.

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Would you allow Twinkle to write your biography?

She has no such interests.  

Twinkle is a star child but she is a family person and is never seen partying and clubbing. What makes her different?

Darling, I don’t know what star kids are like! I’m not one either. She’s my wife and I have never seen anything peculiar in her neither have I noticed any kind of starry air around her. I have always seen her as a normal person and we imbibe similar qualities in our children.

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Your son Aarav is growing up fast. What kind of rapport do you share with him?

I share a good rapport with him. We spend lot of time together.

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Who is your biggest critic in your family?

My sister Alka is my biggest critic. But by the time she tells me not to do something, the film is all shot and ready for release.

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