Best Ideas for Second Date with Guys

Best Ideas for Second Date with Guys

Best Ideas for Second Dates with GuysSo, it’s time to get a little informal with each other through second date ideas after that first typical formal date where you had a bottle of champagne and a candle light dinner. Second date tips always revolve around something fun and frolic.

Second date can be a formal one but it happens in exceptional cases with people who had a very informal or not a very typical first date. Therefore, here we have jotted down all the preferable and fun things to do as part of second date ideas that are for sure some second date advice for you as well.

Enjoy with your partner by planning something good for both.

A Breakfast

A formal dinner, a lunch during break from office etc are all outdated ideas for second date ideas. One of the best second date tips are to go together on a breakfast to some good place. It can be a restaurant, a diner or something outdoors which you both love. It is not only a great idea in second date ideas but it will be a very refreshing and an all new experience for both of you too.

Double Up

Inviting a couple whom you both are friends with and planning a team activity can be a great thing for second date

ideas. In this way, you will not only get to spend time with each other but you will also be able to have bonding with people whom you both like. Going to a theme park, doing something exciting together like hiking, water surfing etc can be a great idea for second date ideas when you have invited another couple too.

Appreciating Culture

Cultural places and events are always romantic for couples may it be a cathedral or a festival; they are always a great place to hang out as part of second date ideas. If you do not want to go too much overboard with this idea in second date tips then it is best to opt for a downtown in a nearby town or plan a trip to a heritage site in your area. It will make both of you happy and relaxed too.

Improvised Comedy

Attending an evening event of improvised comedy can never be boring for a couple especially when it comes to second date ideas. These can be nice and causal experiences for you both and you can let yourself on lose easily with such events for second date ideas.

Plan a Picnic

As part of second date ideas, something with which you can never go wrong with is planning a picnic for two. Making sandwiches, arranging a picnic basket and choosing the favorite spot for both of you can be a pleasurable experience for second date tips. You can go to a park, a nearby river, beach or any other interesting place which you like to hit with second date ideas.


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