How to Manage Twin Rivalry

How to Manage Twin Rivalry

How to Manage Twin RivalryNo matter how cute it seems to have a pair of twins in the family, it is important to know that every package comes with its particular drawbacks and so do twins. By this I do not mean at all that having twins is a problem for parents or is a nuisance but what I mean is that like any other siblings, twins too have their own share of problems and as friendly as they may seem, its not always such a happy picture.

Firstly having a twin means having someone who looks exactly like you which might get a little freaky at times for the two. Plus having to share everything you own with your twin brother or sister is a huge added drawback in itself. You see not everybody is fond of sharing. In early days of ones childhood it seems to be great to have a built in buddy which means having a best friend who would always be there (like literally ALWAYS) be there for you.

Someone who would always be around for you to play with or share anything you want to and in those years it may also seem amusing to both the siblings as they would always have a companion in comparison to other children who usually spend their time alone or are always complaining to their parents for not giving them ample time.

As they grow older and reach their early teens they seem to be surrounded with the problem of making friends. Now one must know that it’s not always necessary that having similar outlooks means they possess the same traits as well. In a pair of twins their personalities may be poles apart. One might be really calm and quiet while the other may be really outgoing or talkative. This difference in traits may also be a reason for them to choose different people as friends.

Now what parents should do is that in order to manage sibling rivalry they should make them understand how they have been blessed with a friend who is always with them to give them company so they would never feel alone while others keep complaining to their parents for not giving them ample time as they don’t have someone to accompany them always and that we should always thank God for whatever He has blessed us with and never be unthankful.

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