6 Types Of Relationships You Will Find Everywhere

6 Types Of Relationships You Will Find Everywhere

This world is a small place; and no matter where you go, you will find the same type of people almost everywhere. There are certain common human traits which do not change no matter where you are. This is the reason that you will find these 6 type of relationships almost everywhere in the world.

6 Types Of Relationships You Will Find Everywhere

1. The co-dependent relationship- In this kind of relationship one person is totally dependent on the other one. If you are someone who needs their partner while making almost each and every decision of your life, then you are in a co-dependent relationship. This type of relationship may soon turn toxic and thus should be avoided.

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2. Toxic relationship- When you look at this type of relationship everything looks just fine. In fact, sometimes others may even get jealous looking at you two and your bonding. But on the inside things are just the opposite. This same person who seems to be so much in love with you is quietly sucking the happiness out of your life. So much so that you end up being annoyed and frustrated most of the time.

3. The pastime relationship- This one is very common. You love your partner and your partner loves you. you two are happy with each other and that’s about it. Apart from the fact that you two love each other, you have never thought of having a future together. And even when you think about it, you know that this is not a relationship worth taking to the next level.

4. The “Stuck in” relationship- It happens sometimes that you two are not happy together but you are still not parting ways. You are staying back just because of some other reason, which is definitely not love.

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5. The complicated relationship- These are the trickiest ones to deal with. This happens when all is not well in the paradise of the love birds. The funny thing is that they both are completely aware of the fact that things are not perfect maybe because of the incompatibility or some third person, but they still don’t have any clue of how to fix it all.

6. Friends with benefits- This is a no strings attached relationship and is pretty common nowadays. In this type of relationship, two people come together just for having sex without getting any emotions involved. Things may get nasty very fast if one of the partners end up falling in love with the other. But if both the partners fall in love then it could be a great beginning of an “actual” romantic relationship.

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