Here Are 6 Wrong Reasons To Stay In A Relationship

Here Are 6 Wrong Reasons To Stay In A Relationship

It is not easy to walk out of a relationship, that you have invested in emotionally and physically. No relationship is smooth, and we give ourselves all sorts of reasons to stay in one that might not be making us happy. While some reasons are legitimate (like when the problems you are going through are circumstantial, or a phase), often we make excuses for ourselves. 

No love is worth keeping if… 

You are scared of being alone. It is better to be alone and unhappy, than coupled up and unhappy. Before you say it’s double whammy, hear us out. You can’t make your partner happy if you are not happy in the relationship. And if they aren’t happy, then your unhappiness will only increase. You end up in an awful cycle of “I’m unhappy, so he’s unhappy. And he’s unhappy, so I’m more unhappy.” Get it? 

Here Are 6 Wrong Reasons To Stay In A Relationship

You are concerned about what people will think. They are not in your relationship. You are. They do not go through the daily grind of being in a situation that doesn’t serve them. You do. So, they have no right to say anything. But, of course, when do people ever go by their rights? Yes, people might judge, and talk. So be it. You can’t please everyone. 

You’ve been together for a long time. Yes, the longer you spend with someone, the harder it is to leave them. You have to start over, and that is a difficult process (and, we are understating it). But, time does not define the quality of a relationship. If you’re not happy, you’re not happy. 

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You believe that all relationships are bad. You’re wrong about this. There are good relationships. You might not have experienced one yet, but it’s out there, and you deserve to experience it. Yes, all relationships have bad phases. But, there is a difference between a rough patch, and a toxic relationship. Weigh your pros and cons. 

Here Are 6 Wrong Reasons To Stay In A Relationship

You believe that there’s nothing better out there. There’s always something better out there. And if you are unhappy, there is definitely something better out there for you. This is a common fear that many of us have. Sure, maybe you’ll end up alone. But, remember the first thing we said? You’re better off alone and unhappy, than coupled and unhappy. 

You are not financially independent. Then, become it. Do what you need to do. Hustle, if you have to. 

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