How To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Strong

How To Keep A Long Distance Relationship Strong

RelationshipMost of the people have belief that long distance relationship can’t work. It’s quite difficult to maintain long distance relationship but you know “when there is a will, there is a way”. If you are willing to work it out, you can by following some tips I am sharing with you.

1. Dedication Of Both Love Birds Is Must

Mutual desire and mutual understanding of both parties are must as one sided willingness cant word or succeed in long distance relationships. If just one person is giving his/her everything to please the other whom he/she loves but the opponent not responding equally, the long distance relationship will fail. Equal dedication, time, energy and commitment are very necessary to make the long distance relationship strong and succeed.

2-Communication In Anyway

It’s important to establish and maintain an emotional connection to make the long distance relationship strong as you cant see each other live every day. The best way to get intact with each other is communication. Now a days communication is not big deal or tough as we all having  lots of options like sms, messengers, whats-app, viber and we can also do video chat through Skype. E-mail is great but make sure your mail is in detail and more expressive as it will show your interest towards your partner. You can share any romantic poetry and dedicate that to your love bird to make him/her special.

3- Trust Each Other

To keep your long distance relationship strong makes sure to trust each other and be loyal to each other. As you live far away from your partner you cant see him/her or meet him/her whenever you want so its necessary for you to trust what he/she says you. If your friend or someone else said anything bad regarding your loved ones don’t trust him/her unless you see or confirm it by yourself. If you have any doubt  ask directly to your partner to clear it. Don’t be shy, be straight forward. Be true to each other!

4-Buildup Your Relation Through Gifts

As you have  listen love become strong by giving gifts.So write love letters, send small gifts, cards, send flowers for no reason. In this case, quantity is as important as quality. If you really want to please your partner, send a little care package with maybe his/her favorite chocolate, sweets and some things he/she will enjoy. In that way when he/she eats his culinary delight, or reads that book, he/she will think of you.

5-Share Your Common Interest

Sharing of your common interest is great way to make your long distance relationship strong.So, If you both are watching any movie or drama individually then call each other afterward and talk about it.Find creative ways to bond with eachother. Read any book or novel at the same time to discuss regarding that book afterwards and share your feeling about story. It will help you to know each others nature , mood, likes and dislikes.

 6-Visit As Often As Possible

You cant make your relation ship strong just to communicate through phone call , you must meet each other as often as posible. You need to see each other up close and personal every chance you get.Try to make the time to visit each other.Make sure that each person takes a turn visiting the others city.This way no one feels as though they are doing  all the traveling ,thus making all the effort in the relationship to make long distance relationship strong.

7- Don’t Be Extra Possessive

Extra possessiveness should be avoid as this habbit will irritate your partner and he/she will think to cut-off with you as everyone need some space. All time questions and arguments can weak the relationship. So, open up your mind and give little freedom to your loved ones. And the other should also take care of things which his/her partner dislikes to do.Its sign of healthy relationship.

All and all long distance relation ship get stronger by women trust and men loyalty.

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