How to Understand Platonic Love and Friendship

How to Understand Platonic Love and Friendship

Understand Platonic Love and FriendshipRelationships are always important for humans. But when it we talk about love and affection, every one of us craves for pure love which is termed as platonic love. However its hard to find such kind of love in today’s materialistic world but yes there is no doubt that such an ideal love still exists.

Love itself is a beautiful word, so one can imagine what would be the feeling of such an amazing and exotic expression. Love has many kinds indeed but yes platonic love is something which is the ultimate form for any individual. It has nothing to do with the sexual or physical attraction of any individual but yes!! It is the world for a person who truly believes in Love!

Talking about love, I would say that it has the ultimate, the exotic feel which can completely transform an identity. Love can be shown or expressed to anything. However, it has a lot in itself. When we say we love someone, it really does not matter to the related person until and unless it has been said with complete emotion and feel. Platonic love seems to be a heavy word but undoubtedly it is the actual love.

Platonic love is the feeling which demands no sexual or physical crave but strong mental and emotional bonding. It can be expressed to anyone u love in real. For me platonic love is the other name for passion. By expressing this kind of love, one can surely make the life of the other worth living. It gives strength, trust and shows affection for the person.

Platonic love does not demand that the expression should take place on both sides. However, it can be expressed whole heartedly even if the person you love is far away from you. It is not at all like the daily routine love, which happens every here and then, like some having crushes towards someone mistakenly consider it love. No people!!! This is not love at all. In fact this is termed as infatuation or temporary attraction.

The power of love can only be seen in platonic love which requires nothing but truly hearty feeling and sense of passion. Sometimes we get confused between platonic love and friendship and express love to those who are not meant to be the real ones for platonic love. Friendship is a very beautiful and only relation in which we share out thoughts, our miseries and our happy moments with our friends. Nevertheless friendship is completely a different relation which should never get misinterpreted with pure and platonic love.

Friends are always there for us in our good and bad times but they cannot be the one who should be expressed as platonic lovers, friend can be anyone from any genre, any age or any mindset. Yet love can be expressed to those who complete our own identity in one way or the other.

On the contrary, platonic love can sometimes be seen between good friends as well. For example if we have a good friend, be it a heterosexual or a homosexual. It really does not matter to us at all, as there is no physical or sexual bonding required in such a relation, but the affection and love still continues.

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