What Women Want In a Relationship?

What Women Want In a Relationship?

What Women want in a RelationshipWhat women want in a relation? This question might strike in the mind of every man at some point or another.

Like ever woman would want to know the desires of a man, it is quite natural for men to be conscious about what women want from them. Women, I must say are an extremely complex creation of God. If you think you know them, you better think again.

Speaking with personal experience, there is no other creation as simply conquered as them either. It is only with immense love, care and support that this battle could be won. There are very simple ways to a women’s heart. A man should have the patience and will to get to it and trust me where there is a will there is a way.

It is not only applicable to women only but in any relation it is important to be patient in order to win the other person. Women are quite feeble in nature. One can mold them in any way they want to, provided you use the right tactics to do so.

No matter how bold or difficult a woman may be, a few kind words and gestures are sure to win you her respect. Most men think that women enjoy relationships where they can dictate their partner. However, this is quite wrong as most women adore relationships where men are the one in power and they are the ones who lead the relationship instead of women because they prefer taking the backseat and let the men take control.

Women want a relationship where they are treated as friends instead of slaves. When you go out to make friends what is the first thing you want in that friendship? Trust and honesty. A friend is someone you can be honest with and reveal all your goods and bads to them and a true friend is one who will accept you with all those flaws.

That’s exactly the kind of relationship women want and by understanding such minute facts and needs of women. Men are sure to sweep women off their feet!

Happy relationships to you all!

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